A Year of Gelatin Printing: Stamps & Texture Plates

You don't have access to purchase this item.  YOU MUST HAVE TAKEN "A Year of Gelatin Printing: Simple Acrylic Paint Monoprints" IN ORDER TO TAKE THIS CLASS.  To view a complete description of this class, click HEREYou can quickly and easily purchase BOTH the pre-requisite course, "A Year of Gelatin Printing: Simple Acrylic Paint Monoprints" AND this course, "A Year of Gelatin Printing: Stamps & Texture Plates" by clicking THIS LINK.

Student Testimonial: "I have taken many of your classes, Julie, but this one taught me about more than technique. The biggest lesson I learned is the value of having a lot of tags and many pulls done on copy paper. I didn’t feel like each one had to make me happy, feel perfect, etc. The quantity of output from this class with its dozens of tags and prints, gave me joy. I felt so productive! Then, I found myself surprised at looking at all the pieces after I made them; often the ones I am most in love with are not the ones I liked most when I pulled them! Doing quantity made me practice techniques, mess with different color combos, and REALLY understand that if I make something I don’t like at first, it can be made into something delightful with more design or paint. The intuitive artsy brain does great things when she’s not oversupervised. This abundance, of just pulling a dozen tags all at once, changes the game for me. This is a lesson about more than just art. . .Thanks Julie! As others have said, your way of teaching really suits the way I learn and practice. Keep up the great work!"