30 Days in Your Junque Journal

30 Days in Your Junque Journal

“Listening to your process and watching how something goes from “meh” to “wow” has been really helpful. Often, when we just see the end product, it looks great but we don’t know how it evolved. This has helped me think about when/if something doesn’t feel “done” or “right” what the issues cold be (not enough contrast; no connection between the left and right page). Thanks!” — Patricia


Join me for a 30-day art journaling journey!

This class is all about the practice of daily diary-style art journaling.  However, instead of working in a blank journal, we’ll be working in a junque journal — a journal that already has stuff on its pages.  You don’t need to work in a junque journal to benefit from class, but I think it makes it a lot more fun!

Each video shows you how to combine writing and arting until we have built up beautiful, complex, layered, journal pages.

Every single day for 30 days you will get a power packed art lesson!  Each lesson consists of:

  • A video tutorial: A daily 5- 40 minute video where I work in my journal, describing everything I’m doing and the thinking behind it.
  • A supply list: Each day the supplies used that day are clearly listed and linked so you can easily gather your supplies and work along with the video.
  • A substitution list: A list of suggested product substitutions is provided every day.  This is not a class that requires you to go out and buy a bunch of stuff if you don’t want to.  I try to show you a lot of different supplies in use, and then indicate what else you might have on hand to use instead.
  • A list of take-aways: This is not a class where you are meant to copy what I do exactly.  If you want to, awesome!  But my goal is to inspire and empower you.  So after every video lesson I have posted a list of lessons I hope you’ll take away and put into use in your own journal.

I have designed this class to be the kind of art journaling class that I would love to take!  You get a peek into my brain — why I make certain decisions and how I approach things — along with step-by-step instructions on my most-used techniques.

Whether you’re an accomplished journaler or a beginner, this class is sure to inspire and get you journaling — if not every day — on a much more regular basis!

Lessons are delivered via HD video.  You can pause, stop, rewind, and fast forward the 30+ (that’s right there’s bonus content!!!) class videos as needed.  Like all of my classes, once you purchase “30 Days in Your Junque Journal” you never lose access to the classroom.  Come back as often and for as long as you want!

Here’s just a small sampling of what students are saying:

  • “I took your Junque Journal bundle class and it was AWESOME. I learned SO much from you! It was a highlight of 2014, and I will be taking all those skillz into the future! Thank you for the inspiration and instruction :)” — Patricia
  • “Thank you for a wonderful class. I learned, was entertained, and came away inspired. I also appreciated the brevity of the videos – less time watching means more time doing. I will miss the daily dose of inspiration and motivation!” — Carolyn
  • “I have loved every moment of this class. Julie’s unique teaching style makes for great viewing, and she always gives so much info, every step of the way, that the process of building a journal just came so easily. The Junque Journal Bundle has changed my life.  Sounds corny right? I know! Yet its true.  Taking these classes has helped me get back to daily journaling which has made a huge difference to my well being.  Not only that, it has also been so unbelievably freeing. I don’t feel any pressure to make ‘good’ pages, or to even make particularly nice pages. I just open my journal, dive in, and see what happens.  And I cannot tell you just how good that feels.  Thank you Julie, for yet another amazing class, my favourite by far!”  — Melita
  • “In ‘Thirty Days in Your Junque Journal’, Julie shares her art journaling techniques which I’ve loved learning about! I feel like it’s really improved what I do and how I think about what I do on my art journal pages. It’s also made me write more and that’s a really good thing. Sure, it’s nice to have pages that just feature a quote or an image, but what’s even better is if you write about why you’re including those in your journal – what they mean to you.”
  • Best class I’ve ever taken! 100% pure fun-ishness!” — Zoe

Please note: If you’d like the $50 discount for purchasing this class AND the companion class “Make Your Own Junque Journal,” please purchase the Junque Journal bundle found here.  Do NOT check out on this page.  You must buy both courses at the same time in order to get the discount. Thank you!