I’m so pleased to share that I have gathered together TEN extraordinary block printing/stamp carving guest stars for this course.  Every single one of them has participated in #CarveDecember in previous years.  They are carving and printing enthusiasts and experts from across the world.  Meet your #CarveDecemberClass teachers:

And they are here to share their incredible knowledge with you.  There are 31 video lessons in “Carve December: 31 Tips, Tricks, & Ideas for Carving, Printing, & Designing Stamps.”  And just like the title of the course says, each video lesson delivers a tip, trick or idea for you to implement in your own stamp carving/block printing process.

There are tips for carving:

There are tricks for printing:

There are ideas for designing:

Video lessons are short (most are under 10 minutes) and include just the tip or trick you’re looking for.

As with all of my online courses, once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access.  So do a lesson a day, or spread them out over the next five years.  You can do this course in the timeline that works for you.

Revisit your favorite lessons whenever you need to brush up on the technique or idea.

Ask questions and talk to other classmates in the comments section of each lesson.  It’s a community of artists!

There are tips, tricks, and techniques in this course for beginners and experienced carvers.

I can tell you that even as an experienced carver, who literally wrote a book on stamp carving, I learned some new tricks and picked up a ton of fresh ideas from the super talented guest stars!

Please note: This course does not cover the absolute basics of how to carve a stamp.  If you’ve never carved a stamp before, you are welcome to jump in and figure it out as you go along,  However, you can purchase this course AND Stamp Carving 101 for just $10 extra.  Stamp Carving 101 is normally $50, so that’s a HUGE savings.  Use THIS LINK to purchase the two courses together.

We are looking forward to seeing you in class!