A Year of Gelatin Printing: Simple Acrylic Paint Monoprints

A Year of Gelatin Printing: Simple Acrylic Paint Monoprints


  • “It’s incredible to me how little I knew about using my gel plate. I’m grateful for all the simple, yet important tips and directions.” – Corinne
  • “Julie, I’ve really been enjoying this class. I know how to monoprint better than I previously did, and I’m happier with the results!” – Deborah
  • “I am giddy with excitement over this class. I’ve been playing successfully, and I’m loving the results of my prints. Thanks again, Julie….you never disappoint!!” – Sue
  • “I now understand why I had scratchy looking lines in so many of my prints. They were driving me crazy. I…pulled a couple of new prints & there were no brayer lines. Mahalo!” – Leigh
  • “Thank you for being so thorough in your explanations. Going to get together with a couple friends to have a Gelli print night.” – Sally
  • “Julie – love these short and succinct videos. Really enjoying how you teach.” – Peggy
  • “I had a lot of fun and finally learned how much paint to put on the plate!” – Tamara
  • “I love these lessons. Short and to the point so that I don’t have to do my own work following along with you, but can watch and then put your direction into trying my own playtime. I’ve taken different types of classes from you in the past and totally enjoy your teaching style as well as your artistic style(s).” – Kathryn
  • “I love your style of “one step at a time.” You have analyzed the process and created a set of lessons that are very easy to follow. Thank you. I have had my plate for two years. When I tried it out I created a huge mess, and just put it away.” – Christine
  • “Wow! I’ve already experience with gelprinting, but I’m so glad to follow your class because I’ve seen already tips that I didn’t know about that can be helpful to grow.” – Joke
  • “I LOVE your syllabus organization – there are many great artists out there, but YOU have mastered the format of good teaching!” – Ellen
  • “I love the short segment format – it is perfect for my brain’s retention rate!!!! And the “take always” are a brilliant way to reinforce the lesson and allow the challenge of experimentation.” – Celeste

If you’re new to gelatin printing or if you’re experienced but not getting the results you want, this unit is for you.  It’s all the basics that will enable you to create masterful prints – skills such as how much paint to put on the plate, how to mix colors, understanding opacity, and more.

We will be putting our prints into a super cool non-destructive no-sew book:


Here’s a look at the book in motion:

Some things for you to know:

  • All lessons are delivered via work-at-your-own-pace HD video.  There are 19 video lessons in this workshop.  That makes the cost of each video about $2.36.
  • On the first of the month, you will get access to the gelatin printing lessons.  On the fifteenth of the month, you will get access to the bookbinding lessons.
  • Once you purchase this class, you have lifetime access to it.  Learn anytime and on your own schedule.
  • There are written “take aways” after every video. These are helpful (a) to reinforce learning and (b) to make finding the information you’re looking for easy.
  • You can ask questions and interact with other students in the comments section of every lesson.
  • A complete supply list is available to you in the classroom right now.
  • This unit is a prerequisite to any of the other “A Year of Gelatin Printing” classes.
    • Question: I’m an experienced gelli printer. Why do I have to take the prerequisite class?
    • Answer: The classes are designed for you to be successful. “Simple Acrylic Paint Monoprints” provides a shared foundation for all of us – a vocabulary that we share. I often refer to technique or ideas from this workshop in the later workshops. It’s important that we’re all on the same page.

I hope you’ll join me for a comprehensive workshop in the basics of gelatin printing.

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