Notan or Expanded Square

Notan or Expanded Square

“Hi Julie, I have Totally Loved this course! So much fun…All of your tutorials were great…Sorry to be done, but counting on the fact that I can come back, review, and find the references again.” – Karen 

Notan or Expanded Square is a process of creating an entire work of art from a small piece of paper.  Essentially, you take a square of black paper and cut it with scissors and a craft knife.  Then you flip the pieces you’ve cut so that they mirror the empty holes.

It’s a simple idea, but the possibilities are enormous! In class I will show you the basics of the technique (of course) and discuss the philosophy of Notan.  I will also show you how to create pictoral Notan, as demonstrated in this video:

Here’s what to expect from class:

  • Instruction is delivered through more than 15 HD videos.
  • Lessons cover all the basics: cutting with scissors, cutting with a craft knife, and there’s even a video on how to use the ScanNCut to create Notan.
  • I will also show you how to create amazing pictures featuring animals, plants, and even people!
  • We will discuss how to use Notan in your other work and the kinds of design skills that it builds and reinforces.
  • You have lifetime access to the online classroom.