Welcome to the Classroom!

Welcome to the Balzer Designs Classroom!

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“Julie, Thank you so much for this class. It was very informative. In fact, the very first lesson addressed one of my top questions. I really enjoy watercolor but never found a way to use it without smearing! Now I understand why. Thanks for all the tips, encouragement, and sharing your valuable experiences. You may already know, but I’ll reiterate, your creativity is very inspiring.”

– Ambal

Art Classes

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“Thank you for this class, Julie! I love your personal and thorough style of teaching and learned a lot!”

– Sannika

Art Journaling Classes

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“A very informative class! Thank you so much for putting it together for us! Lots of great tips, and I am always so motivated and inspired by your teaching methods–that you encourage experimentation and are not looking for perfection. Thank you again!”

– Lisa

Getting Started Series

These mini technique classes are great for beginners. They give you the basic building blocks to be successful and feel empowered. Classes include lifetime access. Check out the bundle discounts at the bottom of the page to get a great deal on ALL 12 classes!

“I was amazed by how much I learned from this class and delighted. Thanks so much, I will be looking for any other classes that you have online.”

– Ami

Bundled Course Discounts!

5 Classes for 1 price
Learn to Make a Journal & Work in it
Gelli + Deli + Color
2 Stamp Carving Classes!

“I must say your spirit and teaching encourages me to work at my art. Your upbeat, winsome, practical straightforwardness wins my heart EVERY time!”

— Margie

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