Stamp Carving: Designing Patterns

Stamp Carving: Designing Patterns

“Julie, I learned so much from this class! Very glad you put together this class; it was chockablock full of insights for me!”

This is the online stamp carving class that you need to carve and print amazing patterns.

In Stamp Carving: Designing Patterns I’m sharing ALL of my tips and tricks for designing gorgeous pattern stamps!

Class content is delivered through a series of video lessons that you can rewind, fast forward, and watch over and over again, as you need.

There are eight power-packed instructional video lessons:

  1. Designing Enclosed Patterns
  2. Tips on Printing
  3. Designing Two-Sided Strip Stamps
  4. Designing Four-Sided Strip Stamps
  5. The Possibilities of Triangles
  6. Designing Triangle Stamps
  7. Designing Rotating Repeat Stamps
  8. Creating Better Designs

And two informational videos:

  1. Welcome
  2. Materials Guide

In addition, I provide you with original pattern stamp designs used throughout class, which you are encouraged to download and use for learning.

Stamp Carving: Designing Patterns is a unique class that really focuses in on how to design great pattern stamps — both technically and artistically.

PLEASE NOTE: You *must* be able to carve a stamp to take this class.  Absolutely no stamp carving instruction will be provided in class.  The focus of this class is on design.

If you are interested in learning how to carve a stamp, you can take Stamp Carving 101.  If you wish to purchase this class and Stamp Carving 101, you can do so at a discount HERE.

As with all of my online classes, once you purchase the class you have lifetime access that never expires.