From a Student: “One thing I can tell you though, I have figured out most of the mistakes I was making just in the first video!!  I knew this class was going to be great! “

I’ve been using a ScanNCut since 2013. I have been designing stencils for The Crafter’s Workshop since 2011.
So this class is a perfect mixture of two things I love dearly and have been doing for years and years.

This class is power-packed with information on the many many ways to create stencils with your ScanNCut.  I cover both the technical issues of creating stencils as well as some of the more intellectual design issues.

You will learn:

  • How to scan stencil drawings.
  • How to create stencil designs from cut paper.
  • How to create stencils using the built-in editing functions in your ScanNCut.
  • How to create stencils using CanvasWorkspace.
  • How to edit and adjust your stencil designs.
  • What makes a “good” stencil.

I share my real time design process with you, talking through all the decisions I’m making.

As with all of my online classes, you can work at your own pace because you get lifetime access to all the videos, all the written content, everything in the classroom.

If you’re wondering if my style of teaching the ScanNCut is right for you, here’s a short video from my YouTube channel:

If you want to use your ScanNCut to design amazing stencils, then this is the class for you!


In the videos for this class I am using a ScanNCut SDX230D (i.e. ScanNCut DX) and a ScanNCut 650W (i.e ScanNCut 2).  Those are the only machines I have in the house and I cannot answer specific questions about other models.  You must have either a ScanNCut DX machine or a ScanNCut 2 machine to take this class.

This class is appropriate for advanced beginners with basic skills.  You must:

  • Know what model of ScanNCut you own.
  • Be able to turn your ScanNCut on/off.
  • Know what a Standard Cutting Mat is.
  • Be able to load and unload the mat.
  • Be able to insert and remove the Blade Holder from the ScanNCut.
  • If you have a ScanNCut 2, know what Blade Pressure, Speed, and Depth are — and how to adjust them.
  • If you have a ScanNCut 2, know how to Test Cut.
  • Have already cut paper with your ScanNCut at least a few times.
  • Be able to connect your ScanNCut to wifi and/or use it with a USB thumb drive.  If you want to use it with wifi, you must have already connected it to your wifi before beginning class.  I will not be offering any technical assistance with connecting your machine to wifi.  You can contact Brother Customer Support – 1 (877) 276-8437 – to walk you through this process.  If you plan to use a USB thumb drive, you must already know how to use the USB thumb drive to get files to and from your computer’s hard drive AND CanvasWorkspace.
  • Have a CanvasWorkspace Online account and know the password.  Please note that you must have a laptop or desktop computer for the CanvasWorkspace section of the lesson.  I will NOT be covering CanvasWorkspace on a mobile device such as an iPad or phone.
  • Have already downloaded CanvasWorkspace for PC or CanvasWorkspace for Mac to your laptop or desktop computer AND updated it to the latest version.  

Finally, please note that while I am a paid ambassador for the ScanNCut, this class is not affiliated with Brother is any way.  I am an independent instructor.  If you have Customer Service questions or issues about your ScanNCut, please contact Brother directly.

Hope to see you in class!