The Two Week Art Journal: Working with a Limited Palette

Do you struggle with choosing colors?  Do you create mud instead of clear bright colors?  Are your compositions bland?  Would you like to learn how to easily create compositions that stand out?  This class is for you!

” This was the best class ever! I learned so much. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about color. ” — Sue

You will learn how I create designs for my art. 

You will learn how to mix basic colors to create whatever colors you want. 

You will learn a lot about value.

You will learn how to make an art journal from finished pieces of art.

We will spend two weeks together — 14 days of making art daily.  At the end of the course, you’ll have a beautiful hand bound art journal.

What does it mean to work with a limited color palette?

At the beginning of class you will choose three colors of paint.  Along with black and white, these three tubes of paint will be the only colors you will work with for 14 days.

Why would I want to work with a limited color palette?

So many reasons!

Working with a limited color palette is empowering.  Once you really understand color mixing you never have to buy all the paint colors or bring all the colors with you.  You will have the confidence to know that you can make what you need.

Working with a limited color palette makes your work unique.  When you mix your own colors, you guarantee that your work is uniquely YOU.

Working with a limited color palette pushes your creativity forward.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Limiting your palette can push you to change your habits and try new things.

Working with a limited color palette helps you understand value.  So many of us rely on color as a crutch.  When you’re working with a limited palette, you necessarily have to consider value as you work.

Working with a limited color palette creates color harmony.  Do you have trouble getting your work to look cohesive?  Working with a limited color palette can help you easily create colorful and cohesive artwork.

What’s included in class?

  • All lessons are delivered via video instruction.
  • There are 20 instructional videos in this class.  That’s just $3.75 per video.
  • Videos can be paused, rewound, and fast forwarded to suit your needs.
  • Written notes and tips are also included after every lesson.
  • There are two downloadable worksheets.
  • As with all of my online classes, you get lifetime access to class once you register.  Work at your own pace and in your pajamas!
  • The welcome unit includes a clickable supply list.

What are the lessons like?

As with all of my online classes, there are 3 things that are really important to me as a teacher:

  1. I want you to get a front row seat to the way my brain works.  Therefore, I talk you through my thought process.  I tell you why I’m doing what I’m doing.
  2. I want lessons to be as quick and useful as possible.  Less time spent watching a video and more time spent making art!  Therefore, I speed up the parts of a lesson where I’m doing something simple like painting a background.
  3. You must be able to ask questions.  We learn by doing.  We learn by asking questions.  Each lesson has a comments section where you can ask questions and I’ll answer them.

This is a sample video from class:

I’d love for you to be a part of this class.  I hope you’ll join me for all the fun and learning!


“Julie, I absolutely loved your “limited palette” class! I learned so much about color mixing, tone and tint, etc. Although I still need to practice my greens…it was difficult to get the light green with my limited palette, but I learned to love the smoky tones. You are one of my all time fav. teachers because you instinctively know to explain what you have internalized……and think we might want to know too. Your joy and generosity add so much to the learning process….My book turned out great and will be a good resource for future paintings, reminding me to balance tint, tone and shade.  Thank you!!  Be well, see you in a future class, I’m sure.” — Linda

“This lesson was so fun. Your sense of humor kept me giggling throughout my painting. You really do keep things simple.…I can over think things, obviously. I really get a kick out of how simple you make it seem…takes the pressure off.” — Sue

“I agree; terrific! Thank You. I purposely chose ‘odd’ colors knowing it would be a struggle and help me grow with color theory. I learned so much, and it was fun!” — Ellen

“In going through the lessons I have found so many “new” colors that I love. As a result my pages look different from the bright colors I typically use. Thank you for all the information and making this such a delightful learning experience!  Thank you for a terrific class, Julie. I learned a lot bout using tints, tones, and shades. I am very happy with the pages I made using the limited palette. I hav not bound a journal with this particular “binding,” so I am looking forward to giving it a try. Luckily I have a score-it board from my card-making days! I will have to take your junque journal class next. I’m glad I became a member so I can keep learning more. You are a terrific teacher. Thanks again!” — Michelle

“Thank you Julie. The class was so well thought out and presented. Each day was a work of art by you. Your ability to put a 14 day class together cannot be easy, but you make it seem so. ” – JoAnn