Getting Started with Transfers


In this class I share my tips and tricks for the four kinds of image transfers I like to do: gel medium & acetate, gel medium & paper, packing tape, and layered packing tape. We’ll create transfers from photographs, newspaper clippings, magazines, photocopies, and patterned paper.

You can read more about the class here. And watch the video for a quick overview:

a sampling of STUDENT COMMENTS…

“Julie! I’ve gone thru 3 full, brand new rolls of packing tape in 2 ‘sessions’! Even more addictive than Gelli Plate printing!!! Plus, I combine tv/mag gazing time with placing (a ton of) tape… Two birds, one stone. And soak em while I pick up/toss the scraps and left over mag pieces-parts. So I’m left feeling uberproductive. Thanks. Suggestion: next year, maybe a AAA* class is in order? (*Art Addicts Anon) one ‘step’ per month.” — McCall

“Awesome….I’ve done two of these….now I want to do more. Art journalling is relatively new to me and you make it look so darned easy! Thanks.” — Pollie

“I love that the first of the month brings another class to look forward to. I wish I had known how much I was going to enjoy these classes… I’m kicking myself, now for not just buying the full year!” — April