Getting Started with the Design Principles


This class is focused on the seven principles of design (contrast, emphasis, balance, unity, pattern, movement, and rhythm). These seven principles are the things you should consider when creating art in order to ensure a great result!

If you’re struggling with finding your personal style or wondering why your artwork doesn’t quite “work,” then this is the class for you!

a sampling of STUDENT COMMENTS…

“THANX a ton for all this 411, btw. I only INTENDED to buy one class, but you sucked me in with your mad skills and even better explanations/examples/explorations. Now i can hardly wait for the first of each month! Yeah. For sure: Thank you!”
— McCall

“After taking this class, I realize that a lot of my pieces lack movement and rhythm. While I know that my style is somewhat serene, some pieces really bore me and I never could quite grasp why before. I think there have been times that I tried to compensate with bright, bold colors but because certain design elements were lacking, it was not enough. i have so much to chew on now. i can’t wait to jump back in to some of these pieces with my new found tools and eye. Thank you so much for this. I feel like it will take my work to the next level. I also can’t wait to take your collage class later this year! Thanks, Julie.”
— Mollie

“You know Julie, I always – and I mean this literally – I always thought of contrast in terms of color. Never did the idea of contrast by design or by style enter my mind, therefore this video was quite an eye opener! Thank you!” — Angelika

“I think you’ve brought out specifically what I notice but haven’t been able to verbalize when I’m looking critically at a piece of art, a collage, scrapbook page, or card. Sure, a ‘perfect’ card is nice, but it is boring to look at. I’ve always wondered what was the special sauce some people had to take their pieces to the next level. You’ve just handed us the keys to make our work look effortless, ‘different’ (even though there are only so many shapes), and appealing to the eye, but not ‘perfect’. I’ve gone through an introduction to design principles before as well, and it was never explained with this much clarity and ease. Thanks again, Julie!” — Jamie

“Thanks Julie. I have learned these principles along the way (probably a design class when I was working on my engineering degree), but it was good to review them with the perspective of art. As always you do a great job getting weighty principles down to something that was easy to follow and made total sense.” — Laurie

“I’ve been taking classes and painting (realistic watercolor and acrylic) for 17 years.  No one has ever mentioned ‘rhythm.’  I find this fascinating as it is basically so much of what we call someones style.  Learning about that element of design really opened my eyes.  Thank you for this whole lesson.  It is my favorite so far!” — Josie

“Julie- this class has really helped me and I think its going to help me a lot in my art moving forward ~ so thanks for all your time and effort creating this and all your other great classes!” — Becky