Getting Started with Resists


What is a resist? According to the dictionary: “A resistant substance applied as a coating to protect a surface during some process, for example to prevent dye or glaze adhering.” Resists are one of my favorite ways to create interesting layers and preserve certain colors. In this class I share my most used methods and mediums for creating (and revealing) resists.

Read more about the class here or watch the video to learn more:

a sampling of STUDENT COMMENTS…

“What a fun and informative series. You present so well because you are yourself and just go with it. So many ideas are now flooding my brain! I would love to take a class in person from you some time. Thank you so much” — Ruby

“Hi Julie….what a treat to myself on a Friday…watching all of the resist clips. I am never board listening to you. I loved watching all the way to use resists and especially loved how you use your supplies and the many layers in the last. One. What fun! The Fosse music snippets were fun as well…makes me want to listen to the Fosse album. I am so thrilled that I signed on for the resist class. I cannot wait to experiment this weekend. Thanks so much!” — Julie

“Thank you for the well taught and inspiring Resists Workshop. Enjoyed everything about it, instructions, music and your great personality!” — Nina

“Enjoyed this! I have forgotten so much of what I learned years ago so this really brought it all back. This gives me a new way to use gesso. I want to go play now. The last tag is soooo cool and was tons-o-fun to watch you do that one. Thanks so much Julie.” — Bonnie

“Loved Getting Started with Resist – each technique offers different possibilities. Especially loved the tag at the end where you put everything together – you are a fabulous teacher. Thank you for the class.” — JoAnn