Getting Started with Deli Paper


Deli Paper is a wonderful and unique paper.  It’s translucent and very very thin as well as super strong.  It’s also very cheap!  I use it all the time because it’s just so versatile. In this class I’ll share my favorite ways to make Deli Paper work for you!

If you’re looking for where to buy deli paper, I purchase mine online from Amazon.

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a sampling of STUDENT COMMENTS…

“Happy April Fools Day Julie, This months lesson was no Fools Day Trick…is was as you might say ‘super awesome’! I am so pleased with the continued information and inspiration you offer with these classes, I look forward to the first of each month with great excitement….and what a value! Thank you so much! I love the ideas you keep coming up with. Thank you too for the walk through your journal it’s almost a spiritual experience, because it’s personal and gives us insite into your soul, your art and you.” — Donalee

“Julie…loved the class and learned so much about how deli paper can be used. My order from Amazon is on its way, too! I love this mini-class format that you have been utilizing this year….it’s a great value and you always pack so much into each class. Thank you!!!” — Mary

“Dear Julie, Wonderful class. I am so new to Art Journaling, I have been collecting journals, and tons of stuff for over a year, and haven’t touched it. Didn’t know where to go, which is very unlike me. Have loved your blog and videos. I’ve learned so much. Your style of teaching has really helped me. There are no mistakes!! I needed to hear that. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Already ordered the deli paper from Amazon. Can’t wait” — Cathe

“Thanks Julie! I so enjoy your lessons. I always learn something no matter how much I think I might know about a subject. So glad that I didn’t hesitate and bought the whole year. Umm, we are a quarter of the year down. Is it too early to ask what your monthly line-up for next year is? You know, I am sure I am not alone in enjoying my first day of the month Julie-gram!” — Laurie

“Bravo Julie! I had no idea what could be done with deli paper! Now, I can’t wait for my order to get here so I can try out all your terrific ideas. Thanks for such an informative class with great videos and photos!” — Barb