April 20, 2024

119: Out of the Kitchen & Into the Studio with Edva Sims


On this episode of The Adventures in Arting Podcast, Mom and I chat with Edva Sims about her pottery business, finding your personal style, and the belief that things made by hand are important.  Here’s a little bit about our guest, Edva:


Hi, I’m Edva! I’ve been drawing, painting, sewing and sculpting since I was a little girl.  


Inspired by my mother – a Potter herself, I fell in love with clay and its ability to tell a story. I thoughtfully sculpt and hand-build each pottery piece in my studio in Los Angeles.   


My upbringing and roots are heavily present in my work, I was born in Israel, grew up in South Africa and now live in Southern California.  


I love incorporating bold colors and unique clay textures into my pieces. Each piece I make, is filled with positive energy, which I hope will transcend from maker to buyer.


Some things we discuss on the podcast:

  • Design Boot Camp
  • Monthly Membership
  • electric kiln vs. gas kiln
  • keeping the kiln inside your house/apartment
  • perfection
  • wheel throwing vs. hand building
  • finding your personal style
  • collections based on inspiration that particular month (or set of months)
  • shipping pottery
  • Geami Wrap made by Ranpak
  • handmade vs. mass produced
  • “A mug is a very personal thing.”
  • problem solving and curiosity

And here are our recommendations for this episode:

Connect with Edva online: https://www.edvaspottery.com/, and on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/edvasims/

We have more great guests lined up for upcoming episodes.  You can expect a new episode every other Thursday!

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