December 7, 2022

108: Little Rowan Redhead


I’m pretty sure that Rowan and I could have talked non-stop for about six hours.  But we had to limit ourselves to just one hour.  She’s smart, funny, hard working, thoughtful, and you’re going to love today’s podcast.  Give it a listen!


Rowan Sivyer, AKA Little Rowan Redhead…


…is a NZ born, Sydney-based printmaker, painter, avid crafter and educator.


As a largely self-taught artist, Rowan believes in the power of a daily artistic practice, risk-taking and creative play.  


She is greatly inspired by Australian flora and fauna which frequently features in her work but she is also drawn to colour and pattern.


Some things we discuss on this episode:

  • art as therapy
  • #CarveDecember and the upcoming 2020 #CarveDecemberClass!
  • business vs. art
  • niche-ing down
  • The 100 Day Project
  • being kind to yourself
  • gratitude
  • Katherine Hepburn: “If you always do what you want, at least one person is happy.”

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I hope you enjoyed this episode.  If there are topics you’d like us to cover or guests you’d like us to invite, please let us know.  Thanks for stopping by!

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