March 4, 2024

017: Karen is a Planner

I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  Today we’re talking to Karen Grunberg.

Karen Grunberg goes by karenika online and lives in Menlo Park, California with her wonderful husband and two amazing boys.

She works with computers during the day and plays with paint at night. You can find out much more about her and her adventures at

This year she has three major art projects she’s working on:

The page above is from her project focused on learning lettering and picking intentions weekly around her OLW (one little word) which is listen (more here->

The spread above is from a project called “this i know,” which is about learning doodling and doing journaling.

These are pages from a third project for this year called “remember this,” which is about doing mixed media, honoring her word and writing down things that she needs to remember for herself.

On the podcast we discuss Karen’s career path, her amazing ability to juggle a ton of projects, her creative drive, and some of her many creative projects.  We also discuss finding your personal style, a topic on which Karen did a guest post for this blog — find it here.

Be sure to leave us your comments and questions.  I always like to know what’s on your mind.  Thanks for stopping by!

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9 thoughts on “017: Karen is a Planner

  1. Loved this episode, I could listen to you ladies talk about arting all day! I just have to say that I’ve been reading Karen’s blog for years and was so surprised to hear her say she doesn’t consider herself an artist. Karen, you are an artist!

  2. A great episode! I always enjoy hearing Karen share about how she chooses such a variety of projects each year & makes a plan to learn something new. Julie, you and your mom do a great job with these podcasts – thanks for giving me some great listening while I scrap!

  3. I’ve been following your blog for a while, but didn’t know about these until a few days ago. Now I have binge listened to them all! I drive a lot with my job and have really enjoyed hearing about other’s artistic life. I can’t wait to hear future podcasts! Thanks for offering this!

  4. Best show so far! I love what Karen has to say, and that you talked quite a bit about my word of the year: willpower. Thank you for a great show, will explore Karen’s site more next.

  5. I always love your podcasts and often surprised by how much a topic will unexpectedly hook me – like the one about religion. I got so much from it. This one gave me a huge aha moment – when Karen talked about inertia and about how scheduling lots of activities will get her to produce more than when she is left to her own spontaneous devises. Definitely something I think may be true of me and I’m going to exp3riment with doing more scheduled projects too. Julie and Eileen, thank you so much for these.

  6. The study about willpower, broccoli and chocolate was not just informative, but gave me the best laugh i’ve had in awhile… thanks! enjoyed the whole podcast…

  7. What a fantastic episode! I’m really inspired by Karen (and am following her blog now). Thanks for introducing me to her. All caught up with the podcasts now and can’t wait for more!

  8. Great podcast listen – thanks! I really relate to what Karen said about inertia and how it’s hard to snap out of whatever state you are in… I definitely need to try out some of her techniques!

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