June 27, 2022

101: 3 Customer Questions


I had so much fun recording today’s podcast. Mom and I were actually in the same room and that gave the whole thing a different feel.  I have to say that I feel so energized and excited after our chat and I hope that you do too!

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The article our main conversation is based on is called, “Starbucks Just Announced a Drastic Change. What Every Company Can Learn From It.”  Even if you don’t have a company, as we suggest on the podcast, you can take the advice and apply it to your art making.  Here are the three essential questions:

  1. How have your customers changed in the last 2-5 years?  (For your art, change it to: How has your life changed in the last 2-5 years?)
  2. What are you currently not offering that would be interesting to your customers? (For your art, change it to: What are you currently not doing that would be interesting to you?)
  3. How can you improve your customer’s experience? (For your art, change it to: How can you make your art-making experience easier?)

Here are our recommendations this episode:

And here are the two map-making books I just ordered: this one and this one.

I hope you enjoyed this episode.  Thanks for stopping by!

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3 thoughts on “101: 3 Customer Questions

  1. Hi Julie, You put out such good stuff – always interesting and well presented. I very much enjoyed this last podcast too.

    I have one thought on the topic of your customers being older women often with kids and grandkids (yup, that’s me too). You were wondering about kid-focused art and whether you felt qualified to do that. Recognizing this is good and might influence your teaching but I don’t think you need to change your basic approach. I think you leave it to your customers to figure out how to translate what they learn to their kids/grandkids. I already do that and I’m pretty sure many others do too. That way, you focus on your expertise and let us focus on ours (our kids). My grandkids think “Nanna’s painting room” is the 2nd most wonderful place in our house (after Grandpa’s train room)! Often I’m teaching them something I’ve just learned. Naturally, I’ve simplified it for them, but getting something for myself and then sharing a small part with them is perfect.

    Btw, we had 2 of them 24/7 for a while during the worst of the Covid lockdown. The youngest (20 mos) just loved watching your videos and knows your name!

  2. I’m so glad to see regular podcasts again. Yours was one of the first podcasts I listened to from way back when. I love the dialogue between you and your Mom, and your guests. The ease with which you provide your conversation is refreshing. It’s always entertaining, and I always learn something. I hope they keep coming! Thank you.

  3. Great episode.

    As a public librarian leading a small, rural NH library through a pandemic and beyond; the 3 questions here really gave me a kick. I’m re-energized by the possibility these ideas can give me and my staff as we brainstorm our future in our community.

    I’m paraphrasing you “Identify what you want to change. Now it’s time to create a strategy.”


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