June 13, 2024

114: Christina’s Lino Life

Today’s guest is Christina Richmond, aka Tweeny.  Christina lives in Bath, and as a Jane Austen fan, I’ve always had a fantasy version of Bath in my head.  We do chat about this at the top of the podcast, but then we get into the creative meat of the matter: when graphic design meets lino.

Meet Christina:

She is a designer by day, living and working in the beautiful city of Bath, and an artist-printmaker in her free time.

She has been print-making for around 9 years, mostly creating small lino prints packed full of detail.

Christina is teaching how she creates her stamp designs on her iPad in the #CarveDecember Class.

Some things we discuss on the podcast:

Links for Christina:


And finally, in case you’re wondering, she got the house!

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