June 13, 2024

113: Ali of 3DottedPenguins

Today’s guest is Ali Baecker of 3 Dotted Penguins.   Ali is one of the talented #CarveDecemberClass teachers.  We discussed how motherhood transformed her creative passion and how she got bitten by the block carving bug!

Ali of 3dottedpenguins is printmaker, educator and pattern lover based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Ever since she stumbled upon block printing and stamp carving in summer of 2018, printmaking has become her almost daily (or rather nightly) creative practice.

Ali enjoys creating repeat patterns, loves quirky fishes and other maritime designs.

She mostly block prints on paper and likes to use her block printed designs as a basis for screen prints on fabric.

A selection of 3dottedpenguins’ original block prints, screen printed textiles (such as bags and shirts) as well as cards are available for purchase.

Ali regularly teaches block printing online workshops to students around the world, both in English and German.

She is a firm believer in monthlong (and longer) challenges or creative projects as they have helped her establish a sustainable creative practice and regularly push her to try new things or deepen her block printing and pattern design skills.

Some things we discuss on the podcast:

Links for Ali:


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