July 15, 2024

155: The Parts of My Art Practice

The title of this episode is a bit of a double entendre.  We’re going to discuss my personal art practice and the parts I’ve devised for it, but in doing so, we’ll also be discussing the framework I’m using for the online community: My Art Practice. On the podcast I begin by talking about where the idea for My Art Practice came from and then I talk you through the vision…

…the various parts of the core curriculum…

…and then what I think you’ll take away from the membership:

I hope you’ll invest in yourself and join the My Art Practice community!

Reaching your art goals takes more than just techniques. It’s about creating an art practice that suits you, your schedule, and your goals. Don’t just learn art, make it a sustainable lifestyle. Create your unique journey with My Art Practice, because your art is about you. Join today.


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