September 22, 2023

115: Lessons from Boot Camp

Today on the podcast I’m sharing a list of five lessons from my Design Boot Camp class. I hope that you’ll find the lessons useful in your own practice. (And speaking of practice, I just started reading Seth Godin’s book, The Practice, and my brain is exploding with thoughts. Has anyone else read it?)

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One thought on “115: Lessons from Boot Camp

  1. Julie, I was so happy to hear you talk about the importance of DOING THE WORK!!! Too many mixed media “instructors” say things like “Don’t think too much! Just play! Get some color on the page!” But when I tried to just get color on the page, I ended up with mud and/or colors I hated, and my compositions were a scrambled mess. These things may come naturally to some people, but boy howdy, not to me. I have had to study & practice color mixing theory and composition over & over before things began to sink in. It has also been tremendously useful to learn the words for things. So, yay teachers like you!

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