March 4, 2024

011: A Conversation with May Flaum

I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!

Today’s guest is May Flaum.

When it comes to crafting May Flaum has one rule: it’s gotta make her happy. She’s not afraid to get super grungy or work with bright colors, dabble in lace and doilies then make something more splattered and wild. If she’s not in her studio (aka ‘the bat cave’) then she’s probably out running around having fun with her family or cooking up a storm.  May has been working in the scrapbooking industry for a decade and currently blogs [] her crafty adventures, teaches on-line classes, and works with amazing companies sharing her projects and ideas. If she has one piece of advice to share, it’s always to be true to your creative heart.

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You can find May’s most recent e-book, “Fashionably Fast” here.

On today’s podcast we discuss May’s long and very interesting career in the scrapbook industry.  The theme of being true to yourself — both creatively and in your career path — is strong throughout this episode.  I found it to be a very inspiring conversation and I hope you will too! (And here is the link to May’s creative journey, as promised on the podcast.)

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5 thoughts on “011: A Conversation with May Flaum

  1. This was awesome, awesome, awesome! Thank you May, for being so transparent about your experiences. Having worked at FOUR scrapbook stores myself – I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on that. (My husband says I am the kiss of death to the LSS – all four of them are not out of business. LOL)

    I enjoyed every moment of this! Thank you Julie for such a brilliant podcast series! I will be listening to these again and again. You rock!

  2. Absolutely loved this episode, I love May & you Julie so it was really great to hear all your thoughts. I have to say, I do not particularly want to get into the scrap industry as a career but I love the idea of being more ‘out there’ if that makes sense? And I thought you had some great tips for people like me, as well as those wanting to get into the industry. I loved your suggestion about filming videos, and I have been wanting to do this for ages, but thought I couldn’t with only an iPhone. May said that she did all her videos this way & I’d love to know how, is there anywhere I can find this information? Thanks for a great show Julie xx

    1. I’m sure that May would be happy to share the info with you. She’s very approachable. Just e-mail her. 🙂

  3. Another fantastic episode! I was on the design team of the LSS May managed shortly after she quit that job and she was the one who signed me up as a Fiskateer, so I’ve followed her career with interest. It’s so interesting to learn about her path toward becoming the industry professional that she is.

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