April 20, 2024

010: Growing Together

Today’s guests are husband and wife team Noell & Izzy Hyman.


Noell hosts and co-owns Paperclipping.com — a scrapbooking website of video tutorials, a popular audio talk show, and scrapbooking articles. She’s been documenting her life through journaling since she was about 7 years old, as well as through photos and scrapbooking since she was around 10. Noell discovered the scrapbooking industry while it was still in its infancy in 1996 and began scrapbooking with industry products at that time.
Her background with modern dance influenced the way she scrapbooks: she loves communicating her stories, not only through photos and journaling, but also through visual design…in other words, she’s all about using colors, patterns, lines, and other design elements to tell the story. Using design as a visual language to tell a story through scrapbooking is one of her favorite topics to study and share with others through Paperclipping.

“You know how some things get into your heart and soul?

Design got into mine.

I don’t just teach the basics, but I really love to dig deep into design theory so it can be applied a million ways with a million styles and empower scrapbookers to tell their stories, not just with words but also through the visual designs of their pages.”

In 2008 Izzy walked away from his full-time career in the corporate world to run two website businesses from home: he owns and hosts IzzyVideo.com where he teaches how to shoot and edit video through his online video tutorials. He also co-owns and produces Paperclipping.com — his wife’s scrapbooking website. Izzy works with local films in the Phoenix area. In March 2013 he will debut the first film he produced himself.
“I’m Israel Hyman (Everyone calls me Izzy), and I’m obsessed with video. To me it’s an incredible art form.

It has the visuals of photography, but when you add audio and physical movement, it takes the art form to a whole new level.

While video seems complex at first, it isn’t. I have devoted the last several years to showing others how easy video is. It’s not the ‘black art’ that people sometimes pretend it is. Developing skills with video is as easy as learning the principles and then practicing them.”

On today’s podcast we discuss how Paperclipping.com came about, how Noell & Izzy make working together work for them, Noell’s ballet classes, Izzy’s singing classes, and taking a non-traditional career path.  I hope you’ll listen in to our conversation and leave us your thoughts!

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21 thoughts on “010: Growing Together

  1. This hit home in so many ways. I grew up as an actress and ballet dancer, switched to directing and co-running a theater in my twenties and early thirties and now am trying to learn how to put my creative energy onto the page. I too recently took dance again, after a very long hiatus (decade and a half!) and was in a class of serious pre-professional teenagers. I was really proud of how much technique I’d held onto, AND, more importantly, how much less worried I was about expectations and whether I had what it took. The last dance class I’d taken was in NYC and I so relate to what Julie said about classes there. I am 49 and my body may have waited too long to keep doing ballet but it was great to revisit it. Noelle may have inspired me to go take another class once in a while. Maybe Jazz though. : )

    I really miss the community I had while doing theater. While I love that I am doing art journaling and scrap booking just for me, with no big expectations, I miss the collaboration (and the deadlines!) I’ve even manufactured a few deadlines in order to be more disciplined by selling my art at our farmer’s market.

    I have seen/heard several paperclipping videos and podcasts and always gotten so much out of them. It’s obvious that you are both passionate about what you do, authentic, really know yourselves and are curious and I believe that there is nothing more important that we can model to our children than that! Thanks to all of you for an excellent podcast.

  2. I’d LOVE to enter for your stamp carving prize but I don’t have any of those url’s. I don’t have a Google account or Word Press acc either. Oh well! Some lucky person will be SO happy. I’d like to get better at stamp carving. I’ve carved 2 so far & they’re fair but I need extra help from a certain Crafting, Stamping, Painting, EVERYTHING Fun DIVA! 🙂
    Grandma Nancy Sapp

    1. Unfortunately I don’t have anything to do with the give away. You’ll have to contact Tina if you’re having trouble and would like to enter the giveaway. Sorry!

  3. PRT fan, listening to your podcast for the first time. I loved it and will definitely be back (as well as listening to the episodes I missed)!

    Izzy and Noell’s comments about being lifelong learners really struck a note with me. I so admire their fearlessness. Being the only adult in a child’s dance class (in pink leotard and tights!) is awesome. Taking singing lessons from someone who teaches children – fantastic. Most people would let fear keep them from doing things like that.

    I especially liked Izzy’s comments about not wanting to wait until retirement to take classes and learn new things. I turned 40 last March and instead of having a big celebration that day, I decided to try 40 new-to-me things over the course of the year. Some included taking creative classes: lapidary, copper etching, and glass flamework. Each was incredible and I’m so glad I tried them. With a little under a month til my 41st birthday, I have 3 things left on my list (and a date set for each one). I would strongly encourage anyone to do a project like this. I can honestly say it has been the best year of my life. Here’s my list if anyone is interested:


    Thanks for an inspiration and interesting podcast!

  4. I enjoyed this podcast very much! Interesting subject, loved how real and honest Noel and her husband are. Julie your podcasts are the perfect company when Im driving long distances in my car. Thanks very much

  5. I’m not sure why but I can’t download any of your podcasts! In Itunes or in my Downcast app. I get an error message either way … any suggestions? I’m eager to get caught up now that I’ve discovered the podcast!

  6. I totally enjoyed this latest podcast. Very interesting to hear people’s stories and listen to what they are passionate about. Thanks for having so much variety here.

  7. Love Noell & Izzy, Love PRT as well. It was really great to hear their Bigger story (not just the scrapbooking part which I love) Thank you Julie for having them on.

  8. Hi Julie, just wondering when you and your lovely mum will be back. I love your podcast, variety of topics and interviewing style and am regularly checking for the next one!! I’m guessing you’ve been busy…

  9. I absolutely love this podcast! I found through a link at Paperclipping where I love it when you are a guest. I’ve gone through the rest of the podcasts and found something I each of them with which I could resonate. Waiting on the new one…

    P.S. Your mother’s comments are hilarious and wise all at the same time.

  10. this was a great episode! I am a member of the unofficial Noell and Izzy fan club and it was so cool to hear a candid conversation with them. They are such an inspiring couple! Thanks for having them on.

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