December 8, 2023

125: Broad Based Inspiration

We’re back and on schedule (amazingly) with another new podcast.  Yay!

If you prefer, you can watch the video HERE

We chat about a topic that has come up several times – particularly during Book Club: why having a broad range of inspiration matters.  In other words, why you should look to fashion or architecture or quilting if what you do is collage.  I share one of my favorite quotes during the podcast and I took some time to track down its origins.  It turns out that it’s from Dale Carnegie.

I also share a portion of an interview I did with Andrea Chebeleu, owner of A Work of Heart, and one of the guest teachers for The Artful Holiday class. 

I’ll be sharing her full interview soon!  Her video tutorial for The Artful Holiday class made me immediately put these plaster strips in my Amazon cart.  I’m looking forward to sharing her project with you!

I hope you enjoy the podcast. I’d love to hear your thoughts on having a broad base of inspiration.

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