June 27, 2022

090: Back to Business


Today’s podcast is all about working smarter, not harder.  I’ve been taking my business apart — looking at how I spend my time and what my business actually does.  On today’s podcast, I talk all about what I’ve been doing behind-the-scenes; the ways in which I’m trying to make my business fit my life.  Working from home is complicated and I tend to be a workaholic.  I’m trying to avoid burnout and do my best along the way!

Some references for you from the podcast:

  • This is the book.
  • This is the batching podcast.  (She also wrote a blog post about it.)
  • This is the post about my Bullet Journal.
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One thought on “090: Back to Business

  1. Oh, Julie, if your business is to be a guide who helps other “heroes” find their artistic path, then you are already a success. I’ve been taking your classes for years, in person and online, and — thanks to the skills you’ve taught me but also the freedom you’ve inspired in me to use those skills to express my own voice — I’m now making and showing my original works. And, thanks to this podcast, I understand why I want to call my little business “Art to Lift Spirits” — because the heroes of my art are the people who see it & feel a little better.

    And your dilemma — about “Is my business about the art I want to create and sell? Or about teaching people how to do their own art? “– reminds me of Elizabeth Gilbert’s point in Big Magic about not expecting your art to support you, but doing paying work to support your art. Maybe you can see your business as freeing you to do the kind of art you want to do, without worrying about having to make art that will sell.

    Anyway, thank you! Bless you! And how fun it will be to see where you go next…

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