January 26, 2023

117: Hello, 2021!

Mom and I are talking about goals and hopes and plans for 2021 on today’s podcast.  Give it a listen.

Some things we discuss on the podcast:

And here are our recommendations for this episode:

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2 thoughts on “117: Hello, 2021!

  1. Loved the 2021 podcast. So uplifting and positive! Just what we need right now. Your mom is so proud of you and your family. The love you have for each other is so evident and even though we cannot see your faces, the love shines through.

  2. Julie, thank you for this! I totally understand the descent into “I don’t matter, why would anyone want to see what I do or listen to what I say” funk. It made me think of something else you’d said not long ago, about how no one was leaving comments on your blog & it made you wonder if there was anybody out there paying attention. Well, yes! I was! But I didn’t comment because I was in that “I don’t matter, why would Julie care what I have to say” funky place myself. But because you were open about how you felt, I was moved to start posting comments. So, thank you! It’s nice to know I can do some small thing to let you know you are heard, and give you a boost. 🙂

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