June 5, 2023

100: Looking Back Looking Forward


As my mother says at the beginning of the podcast, “I didn’t think it would last.”  But we made it to episode 100.  Woo hoo!  It took us 8 years, but here we are.  On today’s podcast, entitled “Looking Back.  Looking Forward,” we chat about earlier episodes, the future of podcasts, paying for content, and lots more.  I hope you’ll give it a listen!

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We’ve had several headers & logos over the years:  


In retrospect, I probably should have named the podcast simply: The Balzer Designs podcast.  But who knew we’d still be doing this eight years later?   In any case, on today’s podcast I mentioned that Apple Podcasts only goes back about 75 episodes, but you can find every single of the 100 episodes archived HERE.  And just for fun, here are 10 episodes I think are worth listening to again, with links:

  1. Episode 1 with Ronda Palazarri: What is Failure?
  2. Episode 6 with Nathalie Kalbach, Birgit Koopsen, and Louise Nelson: Thinking Globally 
  3. Episode 27 with Briana Goetzen, Louise Nelson, and Arleigh: Carve December
  4. Episode 32: Jane Davies Collage Journey
  5. Episode 40 with Nathalie Kalbach: At the Museum with a Friend
  6. Episode 51: Attitude
  7. Episode 55: William Merritt Chase and the Creative Process
  8. Episode 80: Artistic Fear
  9. Episode 87: Dina Wakley Media
  10. Episode 89 with Jenn Mason: The Art of Pairing

Also, I had the great pleasure of being interviewed earlier this week by Hadley Powell on The GirlPow Podcast.  So, you have a lot of options for things to listen to this weekend!

Here are our recommendations this episode:

I hope you enjoyed this episode.  And the eight years of podcasts.  Thanks for stopping by!

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2 thoughts on “100: Looking Back Looking Forward

  1. Dear Julie and Eileen, Congratulations on Podcast 100. I find your podcasts to be informative, thoughtful and highly expressive. I prefer intelligent conversation to fill my ears with interesting and inspirational conversations on subjects of passionate consideration. Thank you.

  2. Please do not think about making the podcast shorter!! I’d like it to be 2 hours. Thanks to both of you.

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