December 7, 2022

002: A Conversation With Jenn Mason

I want to thank everyone who has listened to the Adventures in Arting podcast.  The last episode was downloaded more than 8,000 times!  And I’ve got a brand new podcast for you today!  Mom and I chatted with Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine Editor and all-around fabulous person, Jenn Mason.

Here’s a little bit about her:

Jenn Mason lives a double life. Part artist, part editor. Day-to-day she wears her press hat at Cloth Paper Scissors magazine headquarters, by night and weekend she is trudging through flea markets, painting, assembling, creating, looking for inspiration, or just dreaming. You’re most likely to bump into her in Brookline, MA.

Here is some of her recent artwork:



Find Jenn online:

blog: and
Facebook: Cloth Paper Scissors and Jenn Mason
Twitter: @CPSmagazine and @everydayartist

On the podcast we talk about Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine, Jenn’s career path, art vs. craft, and how to balance working and being an artist with being a Mom.

If you have comments or questions, I know that we’d love to hear them!

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4 thoughts on “002: A Conversation With Jenn Mason

  1. As a huge fan of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, I was quite excited to find out Jenn Mason would be on this podcast. Nice discussion, loved hearing more about Jenn’s history as an artist and I also really enjoyed the discussion about art vs. craft and was really pleased that my idea of what art is pretty much is what Jenn thinks, and was interested in Eileen’s thoughtful comments, especially about labels. Great podcast, and I’m looking forward to the next one. So glad you are doing this!

  2. Eight thousand times Julie?!! Wow, congratulations to a successful first podcast! Loved this episode too, listened while sitting at my desk cutting up papers…

  3. Awesome, awesome podcast. So many comments made me smile and nod my head. I particularly loved the discussion of art vs craft. Keep up the great work Julie!

  4. Wow! I’m a CPS subscriber, but learned so much about Jenn in this podcast… very cool and inspiring! Thanks for sharing… loving these arting conversations, Julie!

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