December 7, 2022

092: Art + Motherhood

On today’s podcast I’m discussing motherhood and making art and self-identity with Roxanne Coble.

Roxanne is a mixed media artist, illustrator, and maker of things.

Known for her detailed art journaling, her work fuses both mixed media and painted illustration.

Inspired by all things macabre, completed pages embrace a balance of humor and dark emotional themes – all while exploring topical events that occur within her personal life. 

On the podcast we discuss how having a baby has changed her business and her mindset, as well as her priorities.  We discuss the guilt of motherhood, the need to make art, and the struggle to find identity after baby.  I hope you’ll listen to the podcast and if you like it, tell a friend!

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One thought on “092: Art + Motherhood

  1. Oh goodness, this was a great conversation! And I think it was spot on for your mom to point out that this is the kind of struggle we face at many stages of life — how do I keep hold of the things that are essential to ME, while bowing to the changes that are necessary? Right now I have the luxury of a whole room for my mixed media art-ing, but my husband and I will need to move to an assisted living facility in the next few years. The kind of work I do now will not be possible. What can I do on my lap, that now takes three work stations and sometimes the dining room table? As with all mixed media, I’ll just figure something out…

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