June 13, 2024

009: The Julie Show

Today’s guest is me!  (Due to a personal matter, our guest for today’s podcast was not able to make it. So, I ended up being the guest instead.)  I’m going to give myself the full guest treatment with a headshot, bio, and some images of my work:


Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is a mixed media collage artist. She has been making art for as long as she can remember and loves the process of creating. “I believe that mistakes are creative opportunities and hold fast to the notion that enjoyment of the process is just as important as the finished product! I like to think outside of the box — experimenting with paper, paint, and fabric — always trying to find a way to push my supplies further and see all the possibilities.”

Julie has had artwork and articles published in many magazines including Cloth Paper Scissors, CPS Pages, CPS Studios, Quilting Arts Gifts, Quilt Scene, Creating Keepsakes, Better Homes & Gardens’ Scrapbooks Etc., Memory Makers, Scrapbook Trends, Somerset Memories, Somerset Digital, scrapbooking m.m. (Sweden), Scrap Art Zine (Germany), Scrapbooking & Beyond, Simple Scrapbooks, Histoires de Pages (France), books by Leisure Arts, F&W Publications, and Lark, as well as multiple e-zines. She writes the “Adventures in Arting” column for Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.

Julie is the co-host of Scrapbook Soup TV (PBS) and has appeared several times on Quilting Arts TV (PBS) and hosted the “Artist to Artist” segment on Scrapbook Memories TV (PBS).  She has also appeared on Crafting at The Spotted Canary (PBS).  Julie’s hour-long instructional DVD “Collage Fast & Furious” was released in July 2010 by Interweave.  She released two new hour-long instructional DVDs in 2012: All About Faces and Stamp-Making Adventures.

Julie’s yet-to-be-titled book on stamp carving will be released by Interweave Press in Fall 2013.

Julie designs stencils for The Crafter’s Workshop, stamps for Impression Obsession, and has several other products in the works with other companies.

Julie lives in a tiny apartment with a big art studio in the middle of New York City.  She is a graduate of Brown University.

On today’s podcast we talk about my career trajectory, where I hope the craft industry will go, and my teaching philosophy.  I hope you’ll give the podcast a listen!  And be sure to leave any comments or questions in the comments section.  I know that Mom and I love hearing from you!

Thanks for stopping by!

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11 thoughts on “009: The Julie Show

  1. So glad you were your own guest on the show today. I love how honest and open and how very real you are about living life as a working artist. You are such an inspiration to those of us living in the fear of failing ourselves. This podcast is one I will return to listen to many times – there was SO MUCH valuable content in it. Your blog is the same. It is THE blog I can’t wait to read each morning. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your insights, your knowledge, your passion, your experience, and your wonderful gifts. Happy Birthday, Julie!

  2. Julie, you are AMAZING! I’m an English teacher, but I’ve always felt like I’m really a “hibernating” artist. I don’t remember how I found your work/website, but I began taking your online classes, and I’ve really just come alive! I’m a new woman! My husband told me yesterday that I was “glowing.” You’ve helped me to just sit down and do it (and not be a perfectionist). I start playing around with paints and whatnot (with no plan), and I’ve created some truly beautiful stuff! My friends are astonished (and so am I). They’re like – where did that come from?! The process feels so good. Ha – I’ve even been sharing bits with my students :). Anyway, you rock! You’re frank, funny, to the point, encouraging, and I love all that you do!!!

  3. It was so lovely to listen to this podcast about your journey. I think many of us can relate and I was really touched by your honesty in sharing so much, so frankly. I also never considered myself an artist because I didn’t draw realistically… when you sort of categorize yourself outside of that “group” – it’s like you deny yourself the possibility. Thankfully things have changed since those childhood days, but I think it’s always a struggle to find yourself and evolve with the times… because we are always changing and growing more and more into ourselves, if that makes sense! Thanks for all that you share!

  4. I get your podcast on my phone or in itunes and could never figure out how to leave a comment (even with your very clear instructions 🙂 There was so much good stuff in this one. I’m really glad it was about you. The procrastination thing! Ah! I see what you said about it allowing for an excuse if you don’t like the results. But at the same time, I think some of us just work better that way. I’ve always done my best work at the deadline. My very successful brother too. But it definitely takes years off your life.

    I also loved hearing how the city effects your creativity. I sometimes so miss the energy of that city. And I am inspired by what you said about having to always keep moving, doing, and about how you never pursued art earlier as you weren’t an illustrator, per se. I did this too. Great podcast!

  5. Hi Julie… I’ve started listening to your podcast during my commute from Jersey City to Hoboken and look forward to each new episode 🙂 I’ve just entered the world of crafting over the last year or so, and value all your great info and interesting guests. I’ve also been in the NYC area for over 10 years so all your tips on where to shop, etc. are very valuable!

  6. Julie, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcast. I found it through Paperclipping Roundtable, and boy am I glad that I did. I spent the last week listening to every one and now I’m desperate for a new one! Every episode had an important nugget, and I have found myself thinking throughout the day about your conversations. BTW I’m a Bruin too (but a little older ’91). Keep up the great work, and sharing your world with us. Your mom is the BEST (other than my mom!) but I think you know that! 🙂

  7. OK, this is why I like dropping in on your blog so often! =D What a great idea!! (I’ll bet this would work with Distress Stains and Inks too. I’m toallty trying that today.) Gorgeous effect!

  8. Julie, just wanted to let you know that I love your show, and your Mom is awesome, as you already know. Thanks for doing this!

  9. I had to stop the podcast and leave this comment while it was fresh on my mind. I LOVE what you said about “Do what is true to yourself and the people who like it are ‘your people.'” That is so true and I needed to hear that today. I have got to stop trying to please people and just please me and if people like it – awesome. If not, I’ll still be happy. (I really only do that when it comes to my art – the rest of my life I am a non-conformist.) So thanks again! I had to think too…..that makes me think of my best friend who is a country singer. She is way countrier than most people here in Nashville but she just keeps on singing her country music and she has a following because there’s nothing better than someone who is genuine anything. You rock!

  10. What a fabulous and fascinating guest you had on this episode! So fun to learn more about you. I can relate to so much of what you say and truly enjoyed learning about your artistic journey. Thanks again for a great podcast! At the rate I’m going, I should be caught up within the week… and then it’s going to be hard to wait for the next one.

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