April 20, 2024

047: Make It Artsy

I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  Today’s podcast is mostly about my experiencing filming Make It Artsy last week, and then some philosophical ramblings at the end.  Next week I’ll have a couple of longer blog posts with lots of photos of people and projects.  But in the meantime, here are the fabulous guests (lots of great links to follow, just click on the name you want):


Top Row, L to R:

Middle Row, L to R:

Botton Row, L to R:

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3 thoughts on “047: Make It Artsy

  1. Hi there,
    This was great cannot wait to see the show. Yes very good words of wisdom from both of you. I will be checking out the video on Make it Artsy.
    Have a great week.

  2. I totally agree about everyone being creative – I am always telling people, “if you’re not creative, you’re not alive” – it’s more to do with how you think about what you do than what you’re doing. Many people seem to think that creativity begins and ends with being able to draw and/or paint portraits and landscapes – Uggh! Unfortunately this also seems to be the attitude of many high school art teachers (I speak from personal experience) which serves to douse any creative spark…. and yes, art takes practice to be good, just like golf 🙂

  3. Hey Julie (and mum),

    I’ve recently discovered your podcasts (or podcasts in general that is) and am now listening them in reverse order 🙂 Anyway, I just want to say thank you, because not only are they fun to hear, but they’re so insightful too! You’ve been discussing topics that have gone through my mind so many times! You’ve been a great inspiration to me for many years. Keep doing what you love and will remain a big fan 🙂

    Bye from the Netherlands!


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