June 13, 2024

122: 100 Days of Art Botanical

This is a very special episode of The Adventures in Arting Podcast.  We turned on the video cameras while we recorded the podcast and streamed a live video version to facebook and youtube.  Mom wasn’t sure about it, but she did a great job and we’re definitely going to do it again! You can either listen to the podcast recording, as normal, or you can watch the video!

This episode focuses on my recently finished 100 Day Project: 100 Days of Art Botanical. The 100 Day Project is a world-wide phenomenon. People across the globe challenge themselves to do some kind of art related task every day for 100 Days. In this podcast Mom and I discuss my own experiences with the 100 Day Project as well as tips on being successful with your own 100 Day Project!

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This is the piece that changed the direction of the whole project for me:


Here are my takeaways, which I shared during the podcast:

Here is the advice I shared on the podcast:


Thanks for stopping by!  Let me know what you think of the new format!

2 thoughts on “122: 100 Days of Art Botanical

  1. was listening to your love podcast while driving. No, I was not watching! But I did get to watch when I arrived at my destination. I loved it! Your take on the 100 day project makes me think I could tackle a shorter one. Your mom looks great, you do too! I’m looking forward to next month.

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