June 13, 2024

033: New Adventures with Diana Trout


I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  Our guest today is Diana Trout.

Diana’s professional life is weighted equally between her twin passions for teaching and creating.

Diana is currently working with abstracted florals in watercolor.
She’s also know for her series of stitched paper cloth and is beginning an offshoot project of hand dyed eco papers with machine and hand stitch.
Cherry Blossom
Trout’s book, Journal Spilling, Mixed Media Techniques for Free Expression is used by artists, art journalers and teachers.
Her artwork and articles have appeared in national magazines and she exhibits regionally in the Philadelphia area.
Diana teaches in person and online as well as maintaining an active blog and YouTube channel.
Find Diana online:
On the podcast we discuss teaching, making money, internet trolls, letting go of expectations, enjoying the journey, the book The Power of Less, tea bag art, and Diana’s new adventures. We hope you’ll add your voice to the conversation by leaving a comment or a question!

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3 thoughts on “033: New Adventures with Diana Trout

  1. Wonderful interview with one of my favorite mixed media artists, Diana Trout.

    Julie and Eileen – I enjoy your podcasts immensely – they’re inspiring, informative and humorous. Thank you!

  2. I always enjoy listening to your podcast and was especially delighted you had Diana Trout as a guest. I started art journaling about 8 years ago and she is one of the first people I found online. I love the abstract flowers she is making.

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