December 8, 2023

105: Paige’s Pages

Depending on how long you’ve been reading this blog and listening to this podcast, you may or may not know that I am a scrapbooker.  I still pocket scrapbook, even though I gave up the 12×12 layouts.  The fact is, I love memory keeping and I thought it was time that we had a tried and true scrapbooker on the podcast.  And so, Mom and I chatted with Paige Evans.  Give it a listen!

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Meet Paige Evans:

Paige Evans

My name is Paige Evans and I have been scrapbooking since I was 16 years old when I got my very first job at a little local scrapbook store in Redmond, Washington.

Love This Girl by Paige Evans1

Now I’ve been scrapbooking over half my life and love it as much today as I did back then.

Home by Paige Evans

I have 10 signature scrapbooking collections with American Crafts.

Magic by Paige Evans1

I have taught classes in 7 states and 9 countries – I love teaching how to create eye-catching layouts as well as coptic bookbinding courses.


I live in the suburbs of Denver with my husband of 13 years, our son Fox, and daughter Jane, as well as a menagerie of pets – we have a dog, cat, bunny, and guinea pig (named Joey, Rachel, Phoebe, and Richard – we love the show FRIENDS!).  I love to create something every day!

One Fine Day by Paige Evans1

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2 thoughts on “105: Paige’s Pages

  1. Cannot hear Paige, only Julie and Eileen. I hope her end of the conversation isn’t lost! Maybe you can repost a complete version?

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