December 7, 2022

104: Willa Wanders

Mom and I had a wonderful conversation with Wendy Solganik, aka “Willa.Wanders” this week.  We probably could have talked to her for several hours.  Our conversation covers making a living, pricing, business killing creativity, Black Lives Matter, authenticity, love of instagram, and more.  Give it a listen!

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Wendy Solganik is a life long artist and crafter, currently working in book arts…

Image0 (1)

…mixed media…


…and watercolor.

Image2 (1)

From production wheel pottery to scrapbooking to knitting and so many more passions, Wendy always dives deep to master a craft. After a fifteen year stint as the co-owner of Luscious Verde, a successful, award-winning, custom invitation design, printing and manufacturing company, you can find Wendy at home in her studio, crafting handmade, colorful, and highly custom art journals for clients… 


…while caring for her large extended family.  You just never know where she will wander to next!

Some things we discuss during the podcast:

Here are our recommendations this episode:

Find Wendy online:

I hope you enjoyed this episode.  Thanks for stopping by!

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