December 7, 2022

050: Episode #50 (Wow!)


I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  I can’t believe we made it to episode #50!

On the podcast we discuss:

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5 thoughts on “050: Episode #50 (Wow!)

  1. Today’s podcast was full of food for thought. I listened while walking and tried hard to remember all my thoughts till I got home and could write them down.

    Last year I went to a Van Gough show at the Clark Museum. I noticed that the works of art from one specific museum in Europe had all of his work framed in very minimal wood frames. They stood out in sharp contrast to the more elaborate frames on all of the other work. Even though they were very simple frames I thought because of their similarity, that they were distracting.

    If an artist hires others to create their work, are they really the artist? Do they become a designer and not a maker? Recently watching a Netflix series called The Chef’s Table ( I think your mom would like that series) they profiled a chef named Grant Achatz. He had cancer and lost his ability to taste. He said it freed his mind to create new dishes. The dish was his conception, but he didn’t cook them. Should the person who actually did the cooking get credit for the amazing execution? The good news is that Grant survived the cancer and slowly his ability to taste returned.

    Finally, if a museum acquires a work of art from an artist, does the artist retain rights to reproduce the work? It the museum never exhibits the piece, how can the artist share his/her work with the world?

    Thanks to you and your mom for pushing my thinking today.

  2. Hi Julie and Mom,
    I just now got to listen to this wonderful podcast. Love it all. Congrats on being part of the MFA Steering Committee. That sounds perfect for you.
    I found the whole pod cast very fun and interesting thank you for having your pod casts I love to listen to you both.

    Speaking of listening thank you so much for recognizing me on your pod cast. I was so surprised to hear my screen name mentioned with the Brother Scanncut. I do love it when you post up tutorials about it. I also do love all that you do. I read your daily email every day. Oh and yes I too loved the pictures of the Lego Museum in Florida. Andy Warhol I got to see his exhibit in Virginia several years ago now.
    He did the Campbell soup containers. As a matter of fact your face on the onesi reminds me of his exhibit with the four sections of the one face shown in different color and shades. I think it was done of Marilyn Monroe. I was never a big fan of Andy or Picasso. I am more Mona,
    I like more of the classical style of portrait and landscape. With that said I am now so in love with the Aborigine paintings you showed from Australia. I love the little dots something so very simple to create.

    I just wanted you to know that I did watch HSN. However I did not get to see all three showings. I only got to see the 6pm showing. I was totally bummed to have missed them. I did give a look for the video on HSN of the 7am showing but I found only the hostess doing the presentation and she kept saying that the snc would be there at 7am. Anyway Congrats on your sell out again. Woohoo.

    I too do not display or show really anyone the things I create. Sometimes I think I am wasting my time. Then like you I realize I have just had a learning process of what not to do. Everything in the crafting world for me in now a learning or relearning experience. I really have no other crafting folk around me.

    I did not know what was new that was with the scanncut unless it was the instructional cd. I loved your show and you looked awesome as always. Your presentation was fab and so enthusiastic and infectious. I loved all the presentation items too.
    I have been working with felt as I mention in the past. This time I used the scanncut iron on glitter to iron some designs to the design that I was working with. The glitter is absolutely stunning once it is ironed on it is so sparkly. The only problem that I found is that I could not really tell where my cuts were. I had to feel around the sheet for them and then look at my screen on my scanncut to see where my placement was. I found them and got them off with minimal delay.
    With that said I think the next time I will draw them out on the glitter sheet and then cut and then remove them. Hope that will work out.
    I just wanted to mention here about the felt and my experience with the left over fuzz and my High tack fabric sheet. I think I am going to iron the felt before I cut it out on the sheet and mat. I noticed that the felt tightens up and shines out a bit. I rather like that effect. I am hoping that by doing that it will not leave so much fuzz residue behind and I will be able to clean off the high tack fabric sheet and really be able to use more then once or twice.

    Well you go Girl you are as awesome and wonderful as always. I really enjoy these pod casts and love hearing both of you chat about what is going on in your lives. Happy belated 4th. Hope you have great success teaching your next class in Ma.

  3. AH-ha moment! Share the process and the mistakes. Contrary to the “never let them see you sweat” sentiment…I can show the world my true self and be ok. Do not create for the blog…Now I can breathe and let myself off the hook. DO NOT create for approval. Deal with the silence. Thanks for the love you show in this work.

    I like that you shared about sponsorship and payment. On the outside looking in most people imagine that there is payment for EVERYTHING. As an artist working to start a business I know that is far from true. Some things you can charge for, but I have no clue what to charge for different things. Like if I go to teach in another state…almost every artist I follow on social media talks about traveling to teach art classes, but who is talking about this? What supplies are a must? how safe is it to check the supplies on an airplane?how does one connect to art venues around the country? what is the normal compensation? I am by no means a big name artist, YET! I am just in little old DelaWHERE? (lol) However, in the back of my mind I have goals brewing and I would love teaching art nationwide to be a part of my future. I do not know where to start. I would just like to be directed to a community where these conversations exist.

    OMGee this podcast was so packed with coolness…I am still thinking

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