December 8, 2023

067: Still Younger Than Mom ;)

Today’s podcast features a conversation about the Nari Ward opening at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Art in Bloom at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), my prize winning painting, and more!  I will be sharing some long blog posts with lots of photos of the ICA Opening and the Art in Bloom stuff in the upcoming weeks, but if you’d like to peek at them in the meantime, you can see them in this week’s vlog:

Here is a photo of my painting that won first prize in the oil/acrylic category at the Watertown Art Association show:


We’re going to be doing a “listener mail” episode soon, so please leave us your comments and questions!

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2 thoughts on “067: Still Younger Than Mom ;)

  1. Thanks for yet another wonderful podcast and congrats on becoming first with your painting. It truly is a wonderful painting. I always enjoy the conversations between you and your mum about art and life. You’re an adorable couple.

    xx Michelle

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