June 5, 2023

097: Creativity in the Time of Covid-19


By my count, it has been almost six weeks of self-quarantine.  It’s the new normal.  It’s a lifestyle.  On today’s podcast, Mom and I are chatting about creativity in these odd times. Why don’t people have creative mojo when they’re stuck at home?  What makes creativity flourish?  Listen in as we discuss escaping to HGTV, unfollowing on social media, and much more!

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Here are links to some of the things we discuss on the podcast:

We discuss a lot of the issues that being at home and living through social media might be bringing up.


I also chat a bit about how the pandemic is influencing my business.


Here are our recommendations this episode:

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2 thoughts on “097: Creativity in the Time of Covid-19

  1. Great podcast – so many words of wisdom from you and your mom. You mentioned that your job is to help people find their creativity – well you have succeeded in my case. What would Julie do??? I also started my first 100 day project using my etching press to nature print. 100 days!!! Was I out of my mind??? So your advice to just do “something” rather than strive for a completed work of art is wise. Thanks Julie and Eileen!!

  2. Thanks so much for this podcast. Great words of wisdom here and so much of it rings true for me especially during this time. Loved your take on the 100 days project. I decided to try it this year and started off in this shelter-at-home period creating a mini house collage each day – pretty simple and small – for the purposes of binding several in a book to document this period for myself and my family. Then I realized how VERY many 100 is. Also realized that having a preconceived idea of the finished project defeats the purpose of the practice for 100 days and is merely duplicating. So I’m changing my tack to 100 days of new techniques to try. Not sure if I’ll get to 100 but I agreed with your goal of actually learning something and progressing in that 100 days.

    I’m also so impressed each time I listen to your podcasts how wise your mother is. How lucky you are to have and work with each other in this way. Thanks for sharing your collaboration with us listeners.

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