December 7, 2022

078: In a Learning Phase


I am taking classes like a crazy person!  Well, like a person who really wants to learn stuff.  A lot of stuff.  As mentioned on the podcast, I’ve learned about Paper Piecing:

Thread Painting:

And most recently, about printing on fabric with dye in “Glorious Prints” (blog posts about it coming next week):

As usual, the conversation meanders into much more beyond just taking classes.  I hope you’ll give the podcast a listen and then tell us your thoughts on the topic!

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One thought on “078: In a Learning Phase

  1. Hi Julie. I always love listening to your podcasts. I’m a longarm quilter, and it’s nice to have a friend chatting in my ear while I work. This podcast was interesting to me as I have been quilting for over 40 years and have taken and taught dozens of classes.
    I think of your arting as being loose and spontaneous, right creative brainded. I tend to be more left brained. But even so, I don’t cope with foundation piecing which I find far too exacting. Unlike paper piecing which is an English piecing technique. So I think I understand why that didn’t work for you.
    I can also imagine you having a ball in your dyeing class. Again, a few techniques and I would love to see your pieces. An exacting class would probably see you feeling a bit bored, but you would have a stack of beautifully co-ordinated fabrics at the end. Which brings me to your Nancy Crow class. Bring on the discipline. In your art. I look forward to hearing about it. I know several people who have done her workshops, and I know they are not for me.
    About classes: online vs live? I often don’t get round to the online ones, so live is more beneficial to me. Technique class vs project class: if the class is going to have a lot of time when you ‘do’ then it’s probably a project class, and really, you’re into technique.
    Have a great week and keep the podcasts coming please. Helen, NZ.

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