September 22, 2023

071: Jane Davies’ Abstract Painting


Our guest this week is Jane Davies.

Head shot
Today’s podcast is full of excitement — dogs barking, Mom choking, and plenty of art talk!  Mom, Jane, and I discuss creating abstract art, teaching, learning from students, making work your own, selling in galleries, and self-published books.  It’s a great chat with lots of intellectual content.

Jane is a full time artist working in painting and collage.

JDAVI Cactus Dream #2 8x8 AP
She offers workshops nationwide, focusing on developing a personal and playful approach to art making.

JDAVI Current Conflict 8x8 AP
After graduating Bennington College and attending the School for American Crafts, Davies began as a potter in the early nineties. She gradually transitioned into freelance art, using painting and collage as her medium.

JDAVI Going Around in Circles 19x25 AP
Since 2010 she has been teaching, writing, and making art.

JDAVI Ghost Writing 10x10 AP
She participated in a residency at Vermont Studio Center in 2015.

JDAVI Now's the Time 19x25 AP
In addition to The Elements of Visual Language, Davies is the author of three books on collage and mixed media, one on ceramics, and has one DVD on painting and collage techniques.

JDAVI Standing By 10x10 AP
I love Jane’s work and could stare at it for hours!  Jane was a guest on a previous podcast more than two years ago.  You can find it here.  I also wanted to share a blog post that an artist named Jacki Long posted after listening to that podcast two years ago.  Take a moment and click through to Jacki’s post because I think it sums up the experience that many people have shared with me about listening to our podcast.

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One thought on “071: Jane Davies’ Abstract Painting

  1. Love the idea of a book with collage paper! I just dabble in mixed media-I do more needlework. It would be fun to have other paper to collage with or use in my junque journal. Julie-would love to have a book with your faces!!!!!

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