June 27, 2022

061: Headed to CHA’s Creativation Show

I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  Today’s podcast features chatter about CHA’s upcoming Creativation Show, my recent visits to HSN and the MFA Boston, and more!  I will share lots of photos from all of those things in February.  In the meantime, here’s a recent snap of me and Mom:

from the Balzer Designs Blog: Adventures in Arting Podcast
And since it is my Blogiversary, I thought I’d share a quick list of the previous 61 Adventures in Arting Podcasts.  AND, if you love the podcast, please leave a review on iTunes.  We’d really appreciate it!

  1. Introducing the Adventures in Arting Podcast — super short podcast introducing ourselves
  2. What is Failure? — with guest Ronda Palazzari
  3. A Conversation With Jenn Mason
  4. Renovating This Old House — with guest Bethany Larsen
  5. Changing Your Mind About Weeds — with guest Peter DelTredici
  6. A Conversation with Kelly Purkey
  7. Thinking Globally — with guests Nathalie Kalbach, Louise Nelson, and Birgit Koopsen
  8. Points of Two — with guests Roben-Marie Smith and Samie Harding
  9. Cocoa Daisy — with guest Christine Drumheller
  10. The Julie Show
  11. Growing Together — with guests Noell & Izzy Hyman
  12. A Conversation with May Flaum
  13. Going to Museums
  14. Arts in Worship — with guest Kimberly VerSteeg (who sadly passed away in 2015)
  15. Katerina Lanfranco
  16. Jen Cushman Jewelry Artist
  17. Jaime Makes Stencils — all about The Crafter’s Workshop
  18. Karen is a Planner — with guest Karen Grunberg
  19. Rooster in the Hen House — with guest Joe Rotella
  20. Stencil Girl — with guest MaryBeth Shaw
  21. She’s Crafty — with guest Jennifer Priest
  22. Nat & Julie’s Art Collaboration
  23. Paige’s Paper — with guest Paige Martin
  24. Bilingual Sewing — with guest Vanessa Vargas Wilson
  25. International Quilt Festival Houston
  26. The Glamping Life — with guest Cheryl Boglioli
  27. Carl is Addicted to Creativity — with guest Carl Johengen
  28. #CarveDecember — with guests Briana Goetzen, Louise Nelson, and Arleigh
  29. Julie Talks Teaching
  30. Quilting with Leslie Tucker Jenison
  31. Rebekah Meier: Surface Designer
  32. Season 5 of Scrapbook Soup
  33. Jane Davies’ Collage Journey
  34. New Adventures with Diana Trout
  35. Ashley Horton Cuts It Up
  36. At the Ink Pad with Anna & Barbara — all about my favorite little shop in NYC
  37. On the Paper Trail with Eileen Hull
  38. Designed by Jessica — with guest Jessica Sporn
  39. Packing the Studio
  40. Jodi Ohl Paints
  41. At the Museum with a Friend — with guest Nathalie Kalbach
  42. After the Move
  43. Designing Stamps — with guests Nathalie Kalbach and Rachel Greig
  44. Episode 43 — miscellaneous discussion of Megacities Asia at the Boston MFA, Plumdinger Studio, Boston ICA, Picasso Self Portraits, Julie Australia Trip, Etching Press, and the Paradise City Craft Show
  45. Episode 44 — super short podcast from Australia
  46. From Byron Bay Australia
  47. Not Interesting
  48. Make It Artsy
  49. Roxanne Coble
  50. The Unruly Art of Linda Kaye-Moses
  51. Episode #50 (Wow!) — miscellaneous discussion of HSN airing, upcoming classes, MFA Museum Council, Mass MOCA, the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, MoMA, my approach to blogging
  52. Attitude
  53. Listener Mail
  54. Our August 2016 Visit to New York City
  55. Chatting with Suzanne Sicuranza
  56. William Merritt Chase & the Creative Process
  57. From New Orleans
  58. Cutting Remarks with Bird
  59. Quilt Festival 2016 in Pieces
  60. Lou Ann & the Gelli Plate — with guest Lou Ann Gleason
  61. Carve December 2016

Do you listen to the podcast?  Do you not listen to the podcast?  I’d love to know, after 62 episodes, what you think about the whole thing!

Thanks for stopping by!

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4 thoughts on “061: Headed to CHA’s Creativation Show

  1. Love love LOVE the podcast! I listen to it (and re-listen) on my daily walk and it’s great because I don’t go home until I’ve heard the whole thing – which means I get about an hour in each time! Great topics, interesting viewpoints, and smart discussions! I feel smarter and more artsy every time I listen to one. Congratulations on a great podcast and thank you for such terrific quality.

  2. I DO listen, Julie! I look forward to finding a new one in my inbox. I love listening not only to your insights into your own art experiences but also the interviews with other artists who share different ideas about approaching art. I feel like I have just been privileged to hang out with you and your mom and any guests you have!

  3. Thanks again for this great podcast! It’s so much fun to kinda hang around with you and your mum. Your discussions are always fun and covered with so much interesting (yes, I say the word) topics. I heard you mentioned thinking about making an online class about printing without all the big gear. That sounds awesome! I have a volunteer buddy, who takes me out on trips once a week (sometimes “big” trips, sometimes just a walk in beautiful and always inspiring nature). She has been in Art School for 2 years, bus has dropped out, because it was too vague and she found it too hard that the teachers never really told what you should improve, so you had no idea than just to get “better”. And the insanity of that all, having one painting getting totally bad critisised, and then a couple of weeks later, you show the same painting (nothing changed) to the same teacher and he is all in awe about it. I can understand how frustrating that can be. However, we visited the Escher museum last week and today we were talking about the (im)possibilities of doing printwork at home. She said she nearly bought a printing press, but then realised she’d need so much more to actually be able to print. So when I heard you mentioning this possible new class, I thought, this might be a class we could take together! We could both learn from you and practice at home together. Just saying, you got someone very excited 🙂

    It’s also very interesting to learn how much preparation work is done for someone to demonstrate at a booth on something like CHA (I stick with the old name). I admire how well you think ahead of things and know how to reach people far away from your booth and please the creative needs of those who are actually at your booth and see things up close.

    I missed the second half (sorry), because my bestie popped up on my screen and we went chatting and well, I can’t do to conversations at once. So I’ll have the pleasure of listening to your podcast tomorrow a second time 🙂

    xx Michelle

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