June 3, 2023

058: Quilt Festival 2016 in Pieces

We recorded the first two sections of this three-part podcast while I was at Quilt Festival. ┬áIf you listen, you’ll get a bit more of an in-depth perspective on being at the show.

And now, just a few of the quilt photos (lots more on the blog this week and next):

From the Balzer Designs Blog: Quilt Festival 2016: Part Two #quilting
From the Balzer Designs Blog: Quilt Festival 2016: Part Two #quilting
From the Balzer Designs Blog: Quilt Festival 2016: Part Two #quilting

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9 thoughts on “058: Quilt Festival 2016 in Pieces

  1. Very talented artists. Our Rabbi is a quilter who made incredible quilts of Torah portions, incredibly detailed with all the beads, fabric scraps, and anything else that visualized the texture she was recreating.

  2. I would love to take a live class from you. I have a scan and cut but am afraid to use it. Your podcast makes me want to pull it out and play. I know it would be helpful if I could just get over the fear of the thing. Proud of your mom for carrying the boxes.:) Chicago’s show is not nearly as large, but is great fun with lots of eye candy. Thanks for your blog, vlog and pocasts. Enjoy them all.

  3. It looks like it was a great show, you make me sad I missed it this year. NEXT year I’m not going to miss it! Thank you for all the things you share, Julie. I get such inspiration watching your videos and following you blog. I love the podcast!

    I’ve looked all over & tried to search your blog for the info about the great shoes. Can you point me in a direction to find out about what they are. My feet also ALWAYS hurt so I want to try them.

  4. My mind has been reeling with all the beautiful quilts you’ve been showing on your blog. Mind-boggling! Though I am not a purist by any means, I must admit to having an issue with those quilts that have been quilted by a professional quilting machine, rather than hand quilted or even machine quilted at home. You can’t be a “quilter” without actually quilting. I feel that a quilt isn’t just the surface design – the piecing or the applique – quilting should be a part of design as well. The Western Roundup quilt you showed in part 4 of your exhibition photos is a great example of incorporating the design, the fabric and the actual quilting of the piece.

  5. Julie – thanks for all you do to share the art world with all of us! I follow your blog and always listen to the podcasts. Love, love, love that your mom does them with you! Quilt Festival through your eyes was wonderful on your blog and vlog and podcast. Just one question – please tell me about the shoes you bought that allowed you to walk all over Quilt Festival without pain! I NEED those shoes!

  6. I just found your podcast and am enjoying it …. I plan to add it to my podcast list on my blog as it is my job in life to check into all the podcasts for our group of quilters.

    One of my dreams is go to go to HUSTON or Pudauha … I keep saying one of these days … I have made it to the AQS show in Grand Rapids MI but I know that is a baby show compared to the big ones.

    THANKS for introducing me to other art forms … I may just try a few … love your voice and personality.



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