March 4, 2024

015: Jen Cushman Jewelry Artist

After a brief hiatus, I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  Today we’re talking to mixed media jewelry artist, Jen Cushman.

Jen is a natural storyteller who found mixed media art 13 years ago and never looked back. She is drawn to the imperfect, the funky, the quirky, the artsy and the authentic: be it people or objects or art. She is the author of two jewelry books:

Explore Create Resinate, and she writes a business advice column called “Art Chooses You” for Belle Armoire Jewelry, as well as a new how-to jewelry column called “The Mixed Media Metalsmith” for Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine. Jen is Vice President and Partner of Susan Lenart Kazmer LLC/ICE Resin. To learn more about ICE Resin, visit the company’s website.
Here is a peek at some of Jen’s artwork:
image from
image from
image from
image from
image from
She also has a DVD…
Breaking out of the Mold Image
…called Breaking Out of the Mold.  It’s also available as a download here.
You can read more about Jen and Ice Resin on her blog: or her website:  Be sure to folow her on instagram.  If you’re interested in purchasing Ice Resin, you can buy it here.

On the podcast we discuss Jen’s career path, finding balance in your work and home life, what the difference is between an artist and a designer, life long learning, and so much more!

Be sure to leave us your comments and questions.  I always like to know what’s on your mind.  Thanks for stopping by!

3 thoughts on “015: Jen Cushman Jewelry Artist

  1. there were so many great concepts & information for me to process later. i like the lifelong learning concept, following the sparkly ball, & how doing these things can enhance you as a human being. plus combining the balance of business, time, social media, family, & getting a life. nice to be introduced to jen . if she ever wants to be back in the scrapbooking club, i’m sure we’d welcome her with open arms. 🙂 glad adventures in arting is back. hooray!

  2. Awesome discusion, I will look in to Jen,s web site and specially into resin, looking forward to krep learning! Your show is so inspirational, thanks

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