082: Team Teaching with Nathalie Kalbach

Today’s podcast is about team teaching and features a conversation with Nathalie Kalbach.  Nathalie is a self-taught mixed media artist.

She was born in Germany and lived most of her adult life in Hamburg before moving to the United States in September 2013. She now lives in Jersey City, NJ.

“For the last decade I have been exploring the possibilities of creating dimension and texture by layering different materials and paint media. I have worked in art journals and on canvas, incorporating collage and found objects.

For me, creating art is a dialogue between my skills and the supplies I use. It is not so much a battle as an ongoing attempt to work out the connections between ideas and techniques.

In my mixed media canvases I emphasize urban subject matter, especially gentrification. I depict the vibrancy as well as the decay that I see in the cities around me from multiple viewpoints, represented by layering and tactile dimension.”

On the podcast we discuss the more than decade long friendship Nathalie and I share…

…and some thoughts on the benefits of team teaching, as that’s what we’ll be doing at the beginning of next month.

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071: Jane Davies’ Abstract Painting


Our guest this week is Jane Davies.

Head shot
Today’s podcast is full of excitement — dogs barking, Mom choking, and plenty of art talk!  Mom, Jane, and I discuss creating abstract art, teaching, learning from students, making work your own, selling in galleries, and self-published books.  It’s a great chat with lots of intellectual content.

Jane is a full time artist working in painting and collage.

JDAVI Cactus Dream #2 8x8 AP
She offers workshops nationwide, focusing on developing a personal and playful approach to art making.

JDAVI Current Conflict 8x8 AP
After graduating Bennington College and attending the School for American Crafts, Davies began as a potter in the early nineties. She gradually transitioned into freelance art, using painting and collage as her medium.

JDAVI Going Around in Circles 19x25 AP
Since 2010 she has been teaching, writing, and making art.

JDAVI Ghost Writing 10x10 AP
She participated in a residency at Vermont Studio Center in 2015.

JDAVI Now's the Time 19x25 AP
In addition to The Elements of Visual Language, Davies is the author of three books on collage and mixed media, one on ceramics, and has one DVD on painting and collage techniques.

JDAVI Standing By 10x10 AP
I love Jane’s work and could stare at it for hours!  Jane was a guest on a previous podcast more than two years ago.  You can find it here.  I also wanted to share a blog post that an artist named Jacki Long posted after listening to that podcast two years ago.  Take a moment and click through to Jacki’s post because I think it sums up the experience that many people have shared with me about listening to our podcast.

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056: From New Orleans


I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  Today’s podcast is a quickie.  You’re getting half-an-hour of chit chat about my trip to California and then some information about why I’m in New Orleans at the moment.  Here’s a hint:

from the Balzer Designs Blog: Adventures in Arting Podcast

You can see more about my California adventures in this week’s vlog.

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039: Jodi Ohl Paints

I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  Today’s guest is Jodi Ohl.


Jodi Ohl is a self-taught mixed media artist, originally from Dunkirk, NY, who now resides in Aberdeen, NC.

Having recently left her day job to pursue her artistic career full time, she is has built a body of work that is known for its distinctive texture, bold color combinations which are often whimsical or abstract compositions, as well as motivational in nature.  Her art appeals to those that seem to be young at heart and who appreciate the positive side of life whether communicated through words, colors, or composition.

Published in over 23 international mixed media magazines such as Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset Studios, Artful Blogging, Artful Journaling, Somerset Holidays and Celebrations, and Cloth Paper Scissors Studios, as well as a contributor to five  mixed media books.

In 2014, Jodi’s painting,  “It’s Not Complicated” (part of her Pod and Portals collection)  was juried as one of the best of Mixed Media and featured in “Incite 2″ by Tonia Jenny of North Light Books.

Jodi enjoys writing about her art and sharing the love of healing and motivation through creativity.  She is represented by regional galleries in North Carolina and several others along the East Coast.  In addition, Jodi is a popular mixed media art teacher online and in person, teaching at both large and small local and national workshops around the US.

When not painting, she enjoys time with her two sons, Josh, 15and Zach, 21as well as other friends and family.

Look for a new book written by the artist scheduled to be released by North Light Publications, in the latter part of 2016.   Jodi welcomes visitors to her blog Sweet Repeats www.sweetrepeats.blogspot.com where you can find a full listing of classes, weekly musings, and additional artwork for sale.


Find Jodi online:

On the podcast we discuss teaching, working from home vs. a separate studio, painting in public, getting into galleries, that “no’s” are not really “no’s,” Yupo paper, and a bit about Jodi’s new DVDs (also available as instant downloads): Colorful Canvas Exploration, Graffiti Grunge Art, Expressive Watercolor on Yupo Painting Flowers, Yupo Exploration, Collage Characters, and Tandem Techniques.

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