077: On The Road Again


It has been more than a month since our last podcast.  My excuse: I’ve been busy.  Most of the events we talk about on the podcast I haven’t yet shared here on the blog (I’ve got a major backlog of photos and stories to share!), so you’ll see a quick teaser photo for now and I’ll have to get to editing and sharing!

Connoisseurship Dinner:

Byzantine Tapestry Weaving Class:

The Met/David Hockney:

MoMA (This is a painting by Jasper Johns):

NJ Sewing Training:

Klimt/Schiele (I did a blog post on this one):

HSN (ScanNCut):

WhimSoDoodle Classes:

The Soccer Ball Art by Jared:

HSN (PTouch Embellish):

Housewares Show:

Boston Modern Quilt Guild Retreat:


As I mentioned on the podcast, I’ll be on HSN on Wednesday (3/21) with all kinds of sewing machines!  I’ll have the entire 12pm EST hour on HSN, so be sure to tune in online or on your TV!

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076: Creativation 2018


I recently attended Creativation — the annual trade show for the craft industry.  It used to be called CHA (craft and hobby association) and now it’s called Creativation.  And the organization, which also used to be called CHA, is now called AFCI.  Here are a few photos from booth set-up:

Creativation was a whirlwind of interviews…


Friends-wm…and demos!  New stencils:

And new Art Foamies (they weren’t at the show, but I demo-ed my new stamps in the Pin It Canada booth):

And then all the fun stuff to see on the show floor:

I think you can see the trends in these photos:

  • home decor
  • decorative painting
  • brush lettering
  • florals
  • florals on a dark background
  • rustic look
  • painting on wood
  • wood & metal
  • fabric & stitch elements
  • lots of color

As I mention in the podcast, I did some poking around for Make It Artsy, and handed out these silly postcards about the show:

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing an in-depth look at the wall I made for Brother using the ScanNCut and DesignNCut!

Next week some projects made with the PTouch Embellish, plus lots of stencil and stamp info.  **AND** I’m going to be doing TWO livestreams on YouTube with stencil and stamp giveaways!

Saturday, February 3 at 2pm EST I will be sharing all of my new Art Foamies as well as some Art Foamies techniques.  I’ll also be answering Art Foamies questions and giving Art Foamies away!  It’s going to be a super fun Art Foamies party!

Monday, February 5 at 9pm EST I will be sharing all of my new stencil designs!  Of course there will also be stencil techniques, a huge stencil giveaway, and I’ll be answering your stencil questions! 

Livestreams are 100% free and can be found on my YouTube channel.

Side Note: I was delighted to be a “Creativation VIP” this year.  You can see the page about me here.

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