June 27, 2022

075: Wrapping Up 2017


In today’s podcast Mom and I chat about the year gone by and set some art goals for 2018!  Here is a photo from the Yayoi Kusama exhibit I talk about on the podcast.  More photos to come in a later post!

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3 thoughts on “075: Wrapping Up 2017

  1. Julie and Eileen, Thank you for a wonderful year of informative, stimulating podcasts. I enjoy listening to every minute. I participated in Carve December – just did it! And I took a few of your classes because luckily I could. You are an inspiration – don’t think I will sew my own clothes but I applaud you for trying. The results will be awesome because you are!

  2. I’m sorry for the loss of your father and the pain and grief you have to go through. Always enjoy listening to the podcast. Hope your new year is good!

  3. Julie, I look forward to your blog and podcasts. You never knew that you had a
    77 year old woman following you. I am not a trained artist , but love playing around in my workroom doing mixed media journaling, scrapbooking, stamping. Love
    working with ephemeral, fabric, vintage
    linens and laces. You are one of my inspirations. Also like hearing you and your
    mom talk about museum visits. Thanks for
    sharing !

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