077: On The Road Again


It has been more than a month since our last podcast.  My excuse: I’ve been busy.  Most of the events we talk about on the podcast I haven’t yet shared here on the blog (I’ve got a major backlog of photos and stories to share!), so you’ll see a quick teaser photo for now and I’ll have to get to editing and sharing!

Connoisseurship Dinner:

Byzantine Tapestry Weaving Class:

The Met/David Hockney:

MoMA (This is a painting by Jasper Johns):

NJ Sewing Training:

Klimt/Schiele (I did a blog post on this one):

HSN (ScanNCut):

WhimSoDoodle Classes:

The Soccer Ball Art by Jared:

HSN (PTouch Embellish):

Housewares Show:

Boston Modern Quilt Guild Retreat:


As I mentioned on the podcast, I’ll be on HSN on Wednesday (3/21) with all kinds of sewing machines!  I’ll have the entire 12pm EST hour on HSN, so be sure to tune in online or on your TV!

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065: Tales from the Road & New Adventures Ahead


Today’s podcast features a conversation about my recent travels, teaching, and some new adventures.

Here are some photos from the surface design class I taught:

from the Balzer Designs Blog: Adventures in Arting Podcast

And here is Carol Anne Grotrian talking to us about how to critique quilts.

from the Balzer Designs Blog: Adventures in Arting Podcast

The two quilts in the photo are both hers — two variations on the same idea, one more successful than the other.

During the Workshop, there was a team of women stretching all the Ruby Red Quilts onto canvases.  You can see my little owl on the table:

from the Balzer Designs Blog: Adventures in Arting Podcast

Most of the quilts had a red background, so I’m thinking my white-on-white background is going to pop in the big group of them.  I’m super excited to see them all together!

Last but not least, I mention “Bullet Journaling” in the podcast.  If you don’t know what that is, this a great article all about it: WTF is a Bullet Journal & Why Should You Start One?  An Explainer.

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