040: At the Museum With a Friend


I’m delighted to bring you another episode of the Adventures in Arting Podcast!  Today’s topic is going to the museum with a friend and how that changes the experience.  For this podcast Mom and I invited our friend, Nathalie Kalbach to join us!  Here’s a photo I took of her at MoMA in the Picasso Sculpture exhibit:

And one I took of Mom at the deCordova Sculpture Garden:

And a photo my Dad took of me at the MFA exhibit I mention on the podcast:

Can’t take me anywhere…. 😉

And because we talked so much about food at the museum, here’s a photo of the most recent meal Nathalie and I had at MoMA:



On the podcast we discuss why you go to a museum, bringing yourself to the art viewing experience, the nature of failure, art in real life vs. photographs, whether knowledge helps or hurts the viewing experience, food, and the magic of talking about art with a friend.

Be sure to leave us your comments and questions!  We’d love to add your voice to the conversation!

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