Maker Membership

Maker Membership

If you’re interested in getting rid of creative block.  If you want to make make make things and be inspired, then Maker Membership is a good fit for you!

Here’s what you get when you become a Balzer Designs Maker Member:

Everything Basic Members get:

  • Every month you get an exclusive members-only one-hour long LIVE video workshop.
  • Every month you get an exclusive members-only vlog, where I take you behind the scenes in my studio and in my life.
  • Every month you get a real time video of me creating a project/art journal page/painting/etc. from start to finish.
  • AND when you join you get immediate access to all previous livestreams and vlogs!  That’s hours and hours of art content for you!


  • Every month you get a new Creativity Prompt Video!
  • Every month you get an exclusive Studio Vlog.
  • Every month you get a fresh new Printable Download to create with.  (A new download appears each month and the old one disappears.)
  • Every month you get an exclusive SVG cut file to create with.  (A new .svg appears each month and the old one disappears.)
    • Karen recently sent me this note: “I just became a Maker Member and discovered to my delight that I can see the svg file as a pdf. Thinking that it would be useless to me (not having a Scan ‘n Cut) was one of the things that was stopping me from going to that level. Just thought I’d say, in case you want to tweak your advertising a little.”  So, yes!  The SVG file is downloadable as a pdf or jpg as well as an SVG.  Yay!
  • AND when you join you get immediate access to all previous Studio Vlogs and Creativity Prompt Videos.  That’s hours of inspiration to get your creative mojo going!

What is a Creativity Prompt Video?

  • It’s an idea to get you started creating.  Think of it as the spark that lights your creative fire!
  • The prompt can be a suggested activity, a tutorial, a concept, a color palette, a quote, and so many more things.
  • The videos are short and to the point.
  • You can permanently banish creative block with your access to a library of creativity prompts!
  • Here are some examples of creativity prompt videos that are waiting for you in the classroom:
    • 3 Acrylic Paint Techniques
    • Stretching a Canvas
    • Distress + Stencils
    • Cardstock Value Scale

What can I expect from a Studio Vlog?

  • Studio Vlogs are videos that are 5-10 minutes long.
  • Each Studio Vlog is a behind-the-scenes peek at a particular aspect of my art studio practice.
  • This is content that is exclusive to members.
  • You can leave questions and comments on every vlog.
  • The Studio Vlogs are filled with useful information and tips and tricks that you can use today to improve your own creative practice.
  • Here are some examples of Studio Vlogs:
    • Finishing the 100 Day Project
    • Yard Art Mural Process
    • #CarveDecember Class Behind-the-Scenes
    • 2 Days in my Studio
    • The Art Fair Behind-the-Scenes
  • From a Member: “I find these vlogs where you think out loud through your process to be very helpful. Watching your process invites me to compare (in a good way) how I do my art with how you work through your problems. I often end up with a piece I like, but have no idea how I came up with it. Thank you. Of all the artists I know or follow, I learn the most from you, even though your style and my style are very different.”

What are you waiting for?  Let’s get creative together and make things!