Member Testimonials

“Absolutely worth it! Julie shares so much information to help me grow as an artist. I’ve followed Julie for nearly 20 years and find her teaching style along with her depth of artistic knowledge to be priceless!”

Julie’s Livestream is always full of useful art tips and inspiration. Watching her is like attending a day long class in one hour. Worth every penny.”

“I absolutely LOVE having this forum to have my particular technical questions answered, to learn things I never thought to ask about, and to be generally inspired by Julie’s enthusiasm!”

If you’d like artistic inspiration and education at a great price with the opportunity for personal connection and the ability to get your questions answered, a monthly membership is for you!

Here’s what you get when you become a Balzer Designs Member:

  1. Every month you get an exclusive members-only one-hour long LIVE video workshop.
  2. Every month you get an exclusive members-only personal vlog, where I take you behind the scenes and into my home and daily life.
  3. Every month you get a real time video of me creating a project/art journal page/painting/etc. from start to finish.
  4. AND when you join you get immediate access to all previous livestreams and vlogs!  That’s hours and hours of art content for you!

What if I miss the livestream?

  • The live workshop is also recorded and then posted in the classroom, in case you want to review it or missed the live event.
  • Replay videos include clickable links to supplies and resources.
  • Replay videos include “chapter markings” which make it easy for you to navigate to the tip or tutorial you’re looking for.
  • Each replay video has a dedicated area for you to ask questions and leave comments.

What kind of content can I expect in the livestream?

  • Each live video workshop is packed with tips and tricks, art lessons, and more based on YOUR questions.
  • That’s right! Each month I ask you what you want to learn about and then I teach you about it!
  • Plus you can ask questions during the livestream as well using the chat box (also a great place to chat with other students).
  • Past lessons have included stamp carving, painting on fabric, book binding, gelatin printing, painting, hand cutting, drawing faces, stenciling, time management, video editing, product comparisons, ScanNCut, and more!  Who knows what the future holds?  It’s all about what YOU ask for!  You can see a quick break down of a recent livestream in this blog post.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The time of the live workshop moves around to accommodate different schedules and different time zones.  Replays are available almost immediately after the stream ends.
  • You can cancel, downgrade, and upgrade your membership at any time.
  • You can ask questions ahead of time (so Julie can prepare in depth answers and demos) in the member area.  OR you can ask questions during the livestream for a quick answer.
  • Stream the video lessons on mobile or desktop devices.

You don’t have to take my word for it.  Here are just a few of the nice things that members have said about the membership experience:

More Testimonials:

  • “Julie, I wanted to tell you that as a new member, I’m going back and watching past livestreams – and what a treat it is! You share SO much in one hour. I truly appreciate how much thought you put into how best to answer members’ questions.  Also, I recently watched July’s video and I loved your Art Journal retrospective. I know you share a lot about Art Journaling on your blog, but getting to see and hear you talk about your process and influences over there years – it was so interesting!  I guess what I’m saying: I am so glad I joined! You are not only a wealth of knowledge, but your “just do it” attitude is fun & inspirational. I love having access to an extra hour of you & your wisdom each month!”
  • “hey Julie, i adore your monthly member livestreams. i have yet to catch one “live” but it is just as great to catch it at a time convenient to me. also, i love that i can go back and watch ‘episodes’ again and again.”
  • “Great job today and thanks for the great answers to questions and demos!!!! I learn every time I watch you.”
  • “Julie, i ADORE the Livestream. it is a great perk for the chance to monetarily thank you for all of the wonderful inspiration i have found on your blog! THANK YOU JULIE!!!”
  • “I LOVED how you shared your deli paper collection and process in January’s video – it was so thorough!”
  • “…the monthly Livestreams are FULL of great information and demos (& of course, Julie’s shining personality). The variety of topics is incredibly wide-ranging, and I’m always amazed at how much Julie fits into an hour. And, lucky you, since you joined now you get to binge watch all the past livestreams (& Vlogs!). I joined about 5ish months in and loved going back to play catch-up.”
  • “I’m all for supporting women, artists and my own creative process but who can resist infectious, creative, and inspiring Julie? I gave myself a membership for my birthday. Happy birthday to me every month!!”
  • “Hi, I am confessing that I am a lurker, but always learn something from your livestreams. I especially appreciate your explanation of how design principles work in your work. Thank you.”
  • “Yes! The livestreams are so much fun and FULL of info, insights, and ideas. And, from someone who usually is not able to catch them live time, as much I’d like to be able to do that, watching them later is a good consolation. Plus, they are bookmarked…”
  • “I actually smile every month when Paypal tells me that I paid $5.99 for my membership…it is such a worthwhile investment!!…$5.99 feels like a bargain for all of the quality information and inspiration that you provide each month! I love, love, love being a Member.”

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